An Old Fashioned Christian

This article could serve as a modernized version of the Apostle’s Creed or Nicene Creed to reaffirm the basics of what it means to be a Christian.

Of course there are segments of that article that would rankle some Christians in the US and Europe today, what with the statements about a literal six-day, 144-hour Creation event, and the strict interpretation of marriage.

Many think that modern advances in science should give rise to adjustments in what we believe about these things because after all, the verbiage of the Bible is a product of people in a time in history who didn’t know as much as we know. But if we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then it’s more than just the wisdom of men put into words; much, much more. God put things like the six days of Creation in there in very specific terms so that we could know that that is how he did it.

Likewise, he also intended for marriage to be between one man and one woman. Yes, the Bible tells of men who took multiple wives, but the standard is and always was one man and one woman. The only time same-sex relationships are mentioned, they are accompanied by condemnations of the practice.

Of course my understanding of the things of God is very flawed, but the statement made by the stringing together of these words is probably as good as it gets this side of heaven.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

I Corinthians 13:12

BMWotD — Damn Swedes


No, that doesn’t look much like a BMW. In fact, it’s a Volvo. Or at least it started out that way when it was new in the 1960’s, but now…


That’s a BMW 4.0L M6x V8, with a little tweaking and forced induction (via a pair of turbochargers) that makes it good for about 750HP. And then it uses the drivetrain from a Nissan GT-R to make it AWD. Judging from the rest of the photos, I’m thinking the engine & drivetrain are just the beginning of the list of modifications done to this car. Not much Volvo left.

It’s for sale on BAT right now for ~$41,000. Lots of money for a car that might not be street-legal, but it sure is nice to look at.

Where Politically Correct Indoctrination Goes Wrong

This woman, whoever she is, needs to be heard, because what she has to say about the military’s sexual harassment training is spot on.

Kayce M. Hagen is a pen name assumed by an active duty enlisted airman. She wrote the following words to capture her thoughts after attending mandatory annual training given by her base’s Sexual Assault Response Coordination (SARC) office. I’m publishing her letter here not just because it captures in visceral form a sentiment I’ve heard repeatedly from airmen who are frustrated by increasingly tone-deaf and overwrought approaches to this issue, but also because I believe her input raises (or renews) two important questions. First, what is the current Sexual Assault Prevention program doing for the Air Force? Second, what is it doing to the Air Force? Kayce’s input explores these questions in a powerful way. Enjoy and respond. -Q.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dear SARC,

I got up this morning as an Airman in the United States Air Force. I got up and I put on my uniform, I pulled back my hair, I looked in the mirror and an Airman looked back. A strong, confident military professional stared out of my bathroom mirror, and I met her eyes with pride. Then I came to your briefing. I came to your briefing and I listened to you talk to me, at times it seemed directly to me, about sexual assault. You talked about a lot of things, about rivers and bridges, you talked about saving people and victimization. In fact you talked for almost a full ninety minutes, and you disgusted me.

You made me a victim today, and I am nobody’s victim. I am an American Airman in the most powerful Air Force in the world, and you made me into a helpless whore. A sensitive, defenseless woman who has no power to protect herself, who has nothing in common with the men she works with. You made me untouchable, and by doing that you made me a target. You gave me a transparent parasol, called it an umbrella and told me to stand idly by while you placed everything from rape to inappropriate shoulder brushes in a crowded hallway underneath it. You put my face up on your slides; my face, my uniform, my honor, and you made me hold this ridiculous contraption of your own devising and called me empowered. You called me strong. You told me, and everyone else who was listening to you this morning that I had a right to dictate what they said. That I had a right to dictate what they looked at. That I had a right to dictate what they listened to. That somehow, in my shop, I was the only person who mattered. That they can’t listen to the radio because they might play the Beatles, or Sir Mix-A-Lot, and that I might be offended. That if someone plays a Katy Perry song, I might have flashbacks to a night where I made a bad decision. I might be hurt, and I’m fragile right? Of course I am, you made me that way.

You are the reason I room alone when I deploy. You are the reason that wives are terrified that their husbands are cheating on them when they leave, and I leave with them. When I walk into a room and people are laughing and having a good time, you are the reason they take one look at me and either stop talking or leave. They’re afraid. They’re afraid of me, and it’s because of you. They are afraid that with all of this “power” I have, I can destroy them. They will never respect me or the power and the authority I have as a person, or the power I have as an Airman, because I am nothing more than a victim. That I as a victim, somehow I control their fate. With one sentence, I can destroy the rest of their lives.

“He sexually assaulted me.”

I say enough. He didn’t assault me, you did; and I say enough is enough. If you want to help me, you need to stop calling me a victim. If you want to save me, you need to help me to be equal in the eyes of the people I work with. If you want to change a culture, you need to lessen the gap between men and women, not widen it. Women don’t need their own set of rules: physical training scores, buildings, rooms, raters, sponsors, deployment buddies. When I can only deploy with another woman ‘buddy’ you are telling me and the people around me that I can’t take care of myself. When you forbid me from going into my male friends room to play X-Box on a deployment with the other people on my shift, you isolate me. When you isolate me, you make me a target. When you make me a target, you make me a victim. You don’t make me equal, you make me hated. If I am going to be hated, it will be because of who I am, not because of who you have made me. I am not a victim. I am an American Airman, I am a Warrior, and I have answered my nation’s call.

Help me be what I am, or be quiet and get out of my way.

Sawdust Strata

I needed to sell my table saw a while back, and took this photo as I was cleaning out the sawdust catch drawer. It captured a record of the different projects I had worked on since last cleaning it out. I sure wish I could remember what I had been cutting, and what I was making!


The sawdust makes me think of the dad of a friend I had when I was a kid; Jamie’s dad had a lot of woodworking tools in his garage, and one time while we were passing through the garage, he was busy at the turning lathe. I asked him what he was making; “Sawdust,” was his only reply. Still makes me chuckle.

As for the table saw, I miss that thing. I sold it not long after taking the photo, and even though I hadn’t used it a lot in recent years, there were times it really came in handy. And there have been times since selling it when I could’ve used it.

My Empire of Dirt

I can’t say I’ve ever heard this song before, but I like it. I like it a lot. Johnny Cash, Dirt.

Someone on the e28 board asked what everyone’s favorite guitar solo was, and I’ve been listening to all manner of guitar work. This was one I stumbled across while listening & poking around. More guitar songs coming!

Good Design

While cleaning the tub yesterday — an American Standard whirlpool tub — it looked like it was time to clean the whirlpool intake cover. After cleaning it I went to put it back on & discovered an ingenious little detail designed into the cover.
The cover attaches with two screws, but underneath there are six holes on bosses that stand out from the intake into which the screws could fit.
The outside diameter of the cover is larger than outside ring of the intake port, and the center of the cover mates together with the center of the port. At first I thought that it might be difficult to get the screw holes to line up, but then I noticed the tiny tabs on the inside of the two screw holes…
All it takes is to place the cover over the the intake port, rotate it a few degrees clockwise until those tabs bump up against the bosses for the screw holes. The holes in the cover are then aligned perfectly with the holes in the intake port. Perfectly. It’s totally ingenious.

I remember one of my marketing professors saying that good design doesn’t cost any more than bad design; so very true. It would’ve been so easy for the person/team responsible for designing these two pieces to have made them to fit together differently — many lesser outfits would’ve done things differently, but they thought of the assembly process and what would eventually go into cleaning the tub, and put a little bit of thought into making the parts fit together easily and well. Attention to detail like this always impresses me. That something as seemingly obscure as aligning the screw holes when replacing a cover that might come off once in a year (if that) for cleaning would be like this tells me that there are probably lots of other little things deeper inside the workings of this tub that are just as well designed. Put American Standard on my list of products I will buy again.

I’ll Have A Unimog, Please.


What’s not to like? Part truck, part car, part tractor… The Mercedes Benz Unimog has to be the world’s coolest vehicle, hands down. 4WD, ground clearance that will spare a good sized deer, 4 doors, roomy interior (ingress & egress can be a little difficult, but I digress.), power take off, balloon tires, etc, etc…

Originally an aircraft tug, this is the rare 406.145 crew cab model with a 5.7-liter, 84 hp diesel inline-six. It’s part of a Mercedes-Benz Museum auction in Stuttgart, and is expected to bring up to $55k.

No, I can’t afford it, but I can drool. I’ve always liked the Unimog. Always will. They look like great big Tonka Trucks, and I’m just a kid at heart.
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