Favorite Things

Yvonne & I (Ian and Caleb too) attended Lincoln High School’s production of The Sound of Music a while back, and the thing that struck me was the song, “My Favorite Things”. I decided I’d create a list of my favorite things. I tried thinking of what I might list, and it’s pretty varied, and I’m sure I won’t think of everything on my first go. If I think of more, I’ll add them later.


When things just work,

Good sleep when I’m tired,

Staying up late when I’m not,

The quiet of the house when the kids are in bed,

Lazy Saturday mornings with pancakes for breakfast,

A good scary movie,


Old mechanical things,


Traveling, especially when I have the time to Stop & explore places that strike my fancy,

Listening to Pippin sing,

Listening to Pippin’s kids learn to sing!

Fresh-baked brownies, still warm from the oven. Even better yet, with ice cream on top!

Hanging out with old friends who are of like minds,

Taking a day off to work on my car/house/garage/bikes/whatever,

There’s definitely more — I’ll add them as I think of them — but this will do for now.

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