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Where Politically Correct Indoctrination Goes Wrong

( Politics andWork )

This woman, whoever she is, needs to be heard, because what she has to say about the military’s sexual harassment training is spot on. Kayce M. Hagen is a pen name assumed by an active duty enlisted airman. She wrote the following words to capture her thoughts after attending mandatory annual training given by her […]

Yet Another Reason To Dislike Windows?

I titled this post as a question, because I’m not sure if I’m missing something or what; please fill me in if I am. Here’s the story: Today at work I had a Windows XP Pro machine suddenly decide that the automatic login was too convenient; it’s attached to a piece of inspection equipment, and […]

Progress Bars Gone Wild!

( Computers andGeek andWork )

One more thing that drives me crazy; progress bars that don’t give a realistic indication of your progress. Case in point; today I was doing some maintenance on one of the laptops at work, and part of that was updating Adobe Acrobat Standard on an HP laptop running Windows XP Pro. It downloaded the 8.1.3 […]

Windows Rant Of The Day — Outlook

( Computers andWork )

I’ve been using Microsoft Entourage — part of the Office for Mac suite — as my primary email client since about, oh, 1995 or so; it’s the one product out of Redmond that really made start to think that Microsoft products might not be so bad. But there seems to be a world of difference […]

Review — NuShield AG™

( Computers andGadgets andGeek andMac Stuff andWork )

My apologies to those who have been asking for this follow-up review; it’s been a long time coming. Since I wrote about the new iMac that was purchased for work and the trouble with it’s glossy screen (link), it’s been a crazy busy time at work with a major system upgrade, followed closely by the […]

The Virtual KVM Redux

A post I wrote earlier this year, The Virtual KVM, has one of the highest page rankings on the site. That isn’t really saying much, but the fact that someone hits that page about every other day presumably looking for help in setting up a virtual kvm on two or more computers, and they end […]

A Neat Cheat in Illustrator

I discovered a neat but little-known trick in Adobe Illustrator… At work customers often provide pdf files as “artwork”; no originating files, supporting files, or fonts. In most cases we can take that pdf, import it into ArtPro, and outline the fonts, but it’s sometimes a hassle. And there are times when I’m at home […]

Windows Rant Of The Day: Removable Disks

( Computers andWork )

When something on a computer works well and works the way it should — intuitively — it’s said to be “Mac-like”. Windows XP and Vista are said to have many “Mac-like” features. But in working with XP the last few years, I’m left to wonder how could something as simple as adding a removable drive […]

Wikipedia Vector Image Library

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Q: How many times have I scoured the ‘net or customer websites looking for a better logo for a label job? A: Way too many times! Then last night I bumped into a nifty collection of Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) corporate trademarks at Wikipedia; WOW! Of course is another great source that I bookmarked […]

Samsung Customer Disservice

( Computers andWork )

This sucks. Samsung has just ripped me off, and I’m more than just a little angry about it. I bought a manufacturer recertified 22″ flat panel monitor (model 225BW) in late February (which was delivered and put into use in early March). The monitor worked fine at first, but in the last week developed […]