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BMWotD — 1988 M3 with S50B32 Swap

I don’t ordinarily gravitate toward e30s, but this one is quite special, and I would certainly make an exception. If money were no object. An e30 M3 in Hennarot, with a European S50B32 motor in place of the original 4-cylinder. Don’t get me wrong, a car like this with the original 4-cylinder is no slouch, […]

A Banshee on eBay?

Look what showed up on eBay… half of the Pontiac Banshees in existence. (Well, yeah; there were only two built…) So far the price is up to just over $85,000 (reserve not met), but I predict it’ll go much, much higher in the five days left in the auction. I might throw a bid in […]

I Guess Things Are Different Now

Funny how things are different for President Obama when the legislation is something he wants vs. something championed by his political opposition… Here’s a YouTube clip containing an audio interview with Barack Obama following his election to the US Senate in 2004. Take note of what he has to say following about the 0:50 mark… […]

The Most Amazing Man Alive

The media guys played this at the beginning of our church service this morning; it’s a hoot! (YouTube link.) “He once counted to infinity… Twice!” “He’s both left-handed, and right-handed…” “He uses Tabasco Sauce instead of Visine.” “He is not afraid of the dark; the dark is afraid of him.” Yeah; that pretty much describes […]

Why Is Cloning A PC Drive So Difficult?

One of the desktop machines at work had an alert come up a while back — Disk in Predictive Failure — so I made preparations to replace it. From what I’d read, when the SMART status on a disk tells you something like that, the drive will be toast; it could be an hour or […]