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Ride The Booster

( Geek andSpace andTravel )

Stuff like this fascinates me. The video is made from actual footage from cameras that rode along on two different shuttle flights, and shows the view from one of the booster rockets. The sounds I think are artificial (added after the fact by Skywalker Sound) but still add a lot to the effect of the […]

A Drive On The Meije

( Cars! andFun! andOld Things andTravel )

That’s pronounced “my-ya” (except the second syllable in Dutch sounds different.) The Meije is the quaint little road that leads to my sister- and brother-in-law’s dairy farm near Bodegraven in The Netherlands. I became very familiar with the road during our visit there in May this year; very beautiful place. Sorry for the soundless video; […]

What Are The Chances…

Had a weird one happen yesterday… Caleb & I drove up to the Twin Cities to go to the Mall of America & goof around a bit. Actually, the Mall thing was more of a secondary excuse for going there, as I’d arranged to buy some needed BMW parts from a guy in St. Paul […]

Sleep In A Wigwam!

( Fun! andOld Things andTravel )

On our Kentucky visit last week, we intentionally drove some of the two-lane highways when traveling between the sites we visited, and the rural Kentucky scenery made the longer drive times very worthwhile. After our Mammoth Cave tour we had dinner in Cave City, KY, then drove Highway 31W back to Elizabethtown. Not too far […]

My Moller AirCar — A Dream Realized, Sort Of…

I can remember drooling over the Moller SkyCar since the first time I saw renderings of it on the pages of Popular Science or Popular Mechanics decades ago. The thought of being able to hop into a machine that would lift off from your own driveway and zip you to your destination at speeds around […]

Remember D-Day

( The Deep andTravel )

Today, June 6, is the 63rd anniversary of D-Day; the Battle of Normandy Beach. I’m not a military history buff by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know what June 6 means, and can’t think of the sacrifice made by so many men without getting choked up. Almost 1.5 million Allied forces involved […]

The Cows-Line?

Here’s a slightly funny photo; newborn calves hanging on a fence! Get it? Cows-Line — Clothes-Line! (ok, bad joke.) And in case you’re wondering, the calves are not dead; they are just fine.

The Famous Maurice Fire Escape Slide

( Fun! andThe Kids andTravel )

We spent Mother’s Day in the thriving metropolis that is Maurice, IA. And a day in Maurice (pronounced “mawr-is”, as in “morris”) isn’t worth much if you don’t visit the park and take a ride down The Famous Maurice Fire Escape Slide. The Famous Fire Escape Slide can’t be terribly famous; a Google search comes […]

Cameroon Lava Flow

( Cameroon andTravel )

Here is a Google Maps satellite image of the lava flow in Cameroon we saw when there in January, 2004. Mount Cameroon erupted last in 1999, and left this huge lava flow. While the flow is a mightily impressive sight, the really strange thing is that the lava flow stopped just a few meters after […]