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R.O.A.D – Feuerbach

( R.O.A.D. )

Another Random Observation About Germany… It took a while to figure out a few things about German naming conventions, and street names are kind of interesting. Our dorm is located in Kandern, on Feuerbacherstraße. Straße, or strasse, translates to street, so when you’re in Kandern, Feuerbacherstraße is the street that leads to Feuerbach. Likewise, when […]

R.O.A.D. – Egg Cartons

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The Germans (and I’d guess other Europeans as well) are kinda nuts about the metric system. So much so that they even sell eggs in cartons of ten. Who knew… Actually, I think the metric system makes a whole lot of sense, and can’t understand why the US didn’t follow through with the push to […]

Random Observations About Deutschland (R.O.A.D)

( R.O.A.D. )

New category alert… Ever since we moved to Germany (yeah, I know I haven’t posted about that, yet. I┬áhave a post or three pending about how that came about, but if I waited until that was done, I’d never get to the fun stuff!) there have been a number of things I’ve noticed that make […]