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Our Own Bridge To Nowhere

The Yankton Trail Bridge has been a landmark in Sioux Falls for a long, long time. The bridge gets its name from the trail & stage road connecting the settlement that became Sioux Falls, SD, to Yankton, SD, which was then the capital of Dakota Territory. A small remnant of the original trail remains on […]


I just heard about a new (to me, anyway) establishment in Sioux Falls that I might have to try out; Monks House Of Ale Repute. The website says they’ve been around since late 2007, but I just saw a link to it over on the Minus Car Project tonight and clicked through. Sounds like my […]

Fourteen Below Zero

We’re having a cold snap in Sioux Falls this week. Not just cold, but stinkin’ cold. The photo above was taken of the thermometer on the back of our house at about 6am this morning. 14 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (that’s -25.5° C for the rest of the world.) No idea how accurate that old […]

Who the heck is T. Denny Sanford?

Sioux Valley Hospital, a mainstay of healthcare in Sioux Falls, SD, since the 1800’s, just disappeared this weekend. From now on it will be known as Sanford Health, in honor of T. Denny Sanford, who donated $400,000,000 to the hospital foundation this past week. A Google search yields some interesting results; Sanford is #117 on […]