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Madeline Albright & Gollum — Separated At Birth?

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This video of comments from former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at an Obama campaign rally in Colorado… … reminds me of a scene from The Hobbit. (hint; zip forward to about 4:33, or click here to open the YouTube page.) Yup; pretty sure they were separated at birth. 😉

Say What Again!

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This is pretty awesome, and at times hilarious; a movie song remix using footage and audio from Pulp Fiction. I envy the Pogo’s video editing skills terribly. (WARNING: Contains profanity, as should be expected since it does come from Pulp Fiction.) Link to Video Can’t say that the music is my cup of tea, but […]

Chingon Rocks Mariachi!

One of my favorite movies is The Bride by Quentin Tarantino. You might know the film better by the name Kill Bill 1 & 2. Yes, I know it was released as two movies separated by a couple of years, but I think it’s better to think of it as one story with a really […]

Animusic Pipe Dreams

Miss C. posted this video on her site over the weekend, referring to it as, “An oldie that never gets old”. Well, it may be old in Internet terms (2006) but I’d never seen it before, and it’s truly worth watching. And it turns out the animators — Animusic — has put out two videos […]


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If you thought a Kiwi was just another flightless bird, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s a flightless bird with a dream and determination. And a serious deathwish. Enjoy!

Best Laid Plans

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The movie “Meet the Robinsons” has some great lines in it, but one that comes up two or three times is, “I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.” The best delivery of that line is from the T-Rex, all mumbled (with subtitles, of course) with his big head, little arms comment; […]