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Obama’s “Vote For Romney” Video

This video is all kinds of amazing. The best part is that President Obama has spent the last four years writing what is at its essence a Romney/Ryan campaign ad. How brilliant is that? Actually, the content of that video is downright depressing. If it were a Republican President with glaring inconsistencies like that the […]

Mountain of Debt?

While watching the news a few nights ago KELO showed some clips from a debate between the three candidates for South Dakota’s lone US House of Representatives seat. In it, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin made a pretty outlandish statement about the country’s mounting debt load… We have to make some hard decisions to sustain and strengthen […]

A Free Country, With Exceptions…

This is pretty amazing; Deval Patrick, the sitting governor of Massachusetts, could say something like this about Glen Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally last weekend… Now, Patrick’s gaffe could be nothing more than a slip of the tongue, with him meaning one thing and something else coming out, or it could be a slip of the […]


It’s been a crazy-busy day for me today, one that followed by an even crazier day for the folks in our nation’s capital, and that one word title kinda sums up my reaction to the day. Crap. As in what I said when I heard Obama’s poorly named “Health Care Reform” bill barely got the […]

Magical Economics

Wow; this guy is in-stinkin’-credible! Now he’s telling us that if his Health Care Insurance Reform somehow makes it through Congress, we and our health insurance providing employers will see 3000% reductions in our insurance premiums. Three thousand percent! Of course, it was a slip of the tongue or more likely a teleprompter miscue, but […]

Makes Me Wonder What Her Shoe Closet Is Like…

Here’s a good read by Dan Kennedy on the Business & Media Institute website. An excerpt: Mrs. Obama… reportedly has a staff of 22 assistants. Yes, I said twenty-two. (Previous First Ladies’ dedicated staffs were in the single digits). Michelle’s little army includes a Chief of Staff costing $172,000 a year; a Deputy Chief of […]

Fly The Drunken Skies — Pelosi Air

I’d heard rumblings of Nancy Pelosi’s boorish attitude before, but this news just takes the cake. Since stepping into the position of Speaker of the House, the bill for Madame Speaker’s air travel is pushing the $3 million mark, with well over $100,000 in just in-flight food & booze. Then there was the staggering bill […]

“He Is A Crappy President”

Not my words, but the words of highly respected economist, Dr. Arthur Laffer from an interview published on Human Events. “Obama is a fine, very impressive person. He really is. Unfortunately, everything that he is doing in economics is exactly wrong. He is a crappy president,” Laffer said. Dr. Laffer had a lot more to […]

Terrorist or Non-Denominational Miscreant?

Great article about the shooter in last Thursday’s massacre at Ft. Hood over at With all that has been discovered about this ordeal and the guy behind it — Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan — it’s amazing that there is so much handwringing over whether to call it an act of terrorism or not. The […]

The Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously?

Guess this makes it official; Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!) being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize means that the Nobel Peace Prize means absolutely dick. i.e. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. It was bad enough when the prize was awarded to Al Gore, who at that time was singularly undeserving of such an award, but […]