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Finally! Ad Blocking In Safari!

On my aging PowerBook G4 I usually have both Firefox and Safari open; Firefox because of the wonder of AdBlock Plus, and Safari because its controls are much more intuitive, and it’s able to render so many sites so much better than Firefox. Now, finally, there’s a chance I can just stick with Safari; Safari […]

It’s A Bad Windows Day

( Mac Stuff )

We’ve all heard of a Bad Hair Day™… Well today is A Bad Windows Day™. So far today, among the 35 Windows XP desktops, eight servers and a dozen or so Macs, I’ve had two virus infections, three BSOD’s, and have had to chase down at least fifteen other miscellaneous issues with the Windows desktops. […]

What Changes Will The Next 18 Years Bring?

I was digging through my Sitemeter visitor stats a few days ago, and noticed again with a bit of wonder that one of the posts that consistently sees a fair bit of traffic is the one about the 68000 dash 30fx computer I have at home. The dash 30fx a monster of a Macintosh clone […]

I Want Me An iPad

Apple just introduced the iPad, and I want one. You can read about all the details and watch the demo movie in lots of places, so I won’t spend any time on that… I just want one.

Yet Another Reason To Dislike Windows?

I titled this post as a question, because I’m not sure if I’m missing something or what; please fill me in if I am. Here’s the story: Today at work I had a Windows XP Pro machine suddenly decide that the automatic login was too convenient; it’s attached to a piece of inspection equipment, and […]

Josh Wilson — Amazing Grace

I almost set the title to Josh Wilson — Amazing Guitar, but that’s not the name of the song… Yvonne & I attended the Willow Creek Association Leadership Summit today (tomorrow too), and after our lunch break we were treated to a couple of songs by Josh Wilson. Josh is an incredibly talented guitarist who […]

Review — NuShield AG™

( Computers andGadgets andGeek andMac Stuff andWork )

My apologies to those who have been asking for this follow-up review; it’s been a long time coming. Since I wrote about the new iMac that was purchased for work and the trouble with it’s glossy screen (link), it’s been a crazy busy time at work with a major system upgrade, followed closely by the […]

The Virtual KVM Redux

A post I wrote earlier this year, The Virtual KVM, has one of the highest page rankings on the site. That isn’t really saying much, but the fact that someone hits that page about every other day presumably looking for help in setting up a virtual kvm on two or more computers, and they end […]

Windows Rant of the Day — Screenshots

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m spoiled by the Mac OS, and making a screenshot on the Mac is just one of many places where the Mac shines and the PC… um… doesn’t. For just about forever on the Mac, to take a screenshot of what’s in front of you, all you’d need […]

An Oversight

Whoops. I just realized I overlooked something on my site that shouldn’t have been overlooked. The site is named davintosh — my name is Dave and I work with Macintoshes; davintosh. Ok, so it’s a little corny and I’m even embarrassed to tell my wife about it. Sue me. Anyway, as I was writing the […]