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Good Design

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While cleaning the tub yesterday — an American Standard whirlpool tub — it looked like it was time to clean the whirlpool intake cover. After cleaning it I went to put it back on & discovered an ingenious little detail designed into the cover. The cover attaches with two screws, but underneath there are six […]

Momofuku Ando

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I really blew it on the 2015 e28 Calendar (and the 2014 as well); I failed to commemorate Momofuku Ando‘s birthday, which is today. Google’s Doodle for today reminded me of my error. If ever there was a badass name… It should rightfully be associated with Sumo wrestling or Ninja assassination squads instead of ramen […]

And the saga continues… *

Today was the day for my appointment with the oral surgeon, and we’re finally getting some answers, if not some relief. Initially they did a panoramic x-ray, but that didn’t show much of anything, so Dr. Miller ordered a 3D CT image. After having a look at that and a peek inside my mouth, he […]

It’s 2am; Do You Know Where Your Pain Is?

I do. Right where it was a week and a day ago. But this time I have a weapon — a prescription pain killer & and a better cognizance of what’s causing the pain. Part of the issue last week was the unknown; was it just me, grinding/clenching my teeth that was the root cause […]

Just Desserts

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Street performers… I can take ’em or leave ’em, but I don’t mess with them either. This guy on Australia’s Gold Coast did, and got exactly what he deserved. Would’ve been nice to see what followed though… YouTube Link via

A New Medical Adventure

Another adventure that I did not — and would not — choose is upon me. Something is up with my lower jaw, and so far I’ve stumped four dentists and an endodontist. Funny; I had never even heard of Endodontics until yesterday when a friend who happens to be a dentist referred me to one. […]

The Doodlebug

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I just bumped into this photo on Flickr while looking for something else… such a cool old truck! The photo belongs to Flickr user Ned & Neva; unfortunately there’s no clues as to where the truck was when the photo was snapped. The caption below the photo says it’s a “1929 Ford Ag Uitlity Vehicle”, […]

When I Grow Up…

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… I want to do what this guy does. Or maybe this guy… I get so tired sometimes of working for someone else, doing things that seem to have no lasting value, and fails to bring any joy in life. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the job I have and the people I work […]

Australian Fire Tornados

This is pretty wild; wind whipping wildfires into short-lived tornado-like smoke funnels. They call them “fire tornados” or “fire whirls“, which is probably more accurate, since they probably don’t reach anywhere near the wind velocity of the real thing. Still, I’d hate to be caught in the path of something like that. Click the go […]

Malcom, The Ice Cream Guy

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I’ve never tried Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and after watching their ads, I’m not sure I want to. Shades of Hannibal Lecter right there… Creepy. They’ve named the character in the commercials Malcom, or more correctly, “the incomparable Malcolm, an asexual, genderless, non-human (but human-esque) being that formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce […]