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Good Design

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While cleaning the tub yesterday — an American Standard whirlpool tub — it looked like it was time to clean the whirlpool intake cover. After cleaning it I went to put it back on & discovered an ingenious little detail designed into the cover.
The cover attaches with two screws, but underneath there are six holes on bosses that stand out from the intake into which the screws could fit.
The outside diameter of the cover is larger than outside ring of the intake port, and the center of the cover mates together with the center of the port. At first I thought that it might be difficult to get the screw holes to line up, but then I noticed the tiny tabs on the inside of the two screw holes…
All it takes is to place the cover over the the intake port, rotate it a few degrees clockwise until those tabs bump up against the bosses for the screw holes. The holes in the cover are then aligned perfectly with the holes in the intake port. Perfectly. It’s totally ingenious.

I remember one of my marketing professors saying that good design doesn’t cost any more than bad design; so very true. It would’ve been so easy for the person/team responsible for designing these two pieces to have made them to fit together differently — many lesser outfits would’ve done things differently, but they thought of the assembly process and what would eventually go into cleaning the tub, and put a little bit of thought into making the parts fit together easily and well. Attention to detail like this always impresses me. That something as seemingly obscure as aligning the screw holes when replacing a cover that might come off once in a year (if that) for cleaning would be like this tells me that there are probably lots of other little things deeper inside the workings of this tub that are just as well designed. Put American Standard on my list of products I will buy again.

Momofuku Ando

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I really blew it on the 2015 e28 Calendar (and the 2014 as well); I failed to commemorate Momofuku Ando‘s birthday, which is today. Google’s Doodle for today reminded me of my error.

Google Doodle 1
Google Doodle 2
Google Doodle 3
Google Doodle 4

If ever there was a badass name… It should rightfully be associated with Sumo wrestling or Ninja assassination squads instead of ramen noodles. But it is what it is. Happy Birthday you bad Momofuko!


And the saga continues… *

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Today was the day for my appointment with the oral surgeon, and we’re finally getting some answers, if not some relief. Initially they did a panoramic x-ray, but that didn’t show much of anything, so Dr. Miller ordered a 3D CT image. After having a look at that and a peek inside my mouth, he told us that what I had was likely a brown tumor;

The brown tumor is a bone lesion that arises in settings of excess osteoclast activity, such as hyperparathyroidism. It is not a true neoplasm, as the term “tumor” suggests; however, it may mimic a true neoplasm.

Brown tumours consist of fibrous tissue, woven bone and supporting vasculature, but no matrix. The osteoclasts consume the trabecular bone that osteoblasts lay down and this front of reparative bone deposition followed by additional resorption can expand beyond the usual shape of the bone, involving the periosteum thus causing bone pain. The characteristic brown coloration results from hemosiderin deposition into the osteolytic cysts. Hemosiderin deposition is not a distinctive feature of brown tumors; it may also be seen giant cell tumors of the bone.

Well, the pathology sure seems to fit my situation; the front of reparative bone deposition has been expanding the bone around those teeth enough to shove the teeth around to where they should not be, and making life miserable for me. The doc is reasonably sure that’s the deal, but only a biopsy will tell for sure, and that’s scheduled for next Monday. And the great part of the biopsy is that they’ll remove the tumor/lesion/whatever it is, but I’ll probably lose a couple of teeth in the process. Great. And I don’t even get to keep them, which is really too bad because I’ll probably need to get dental implants later on, and it would just make so much sense to use them for the implants… The assistant told me they are considered a biohazard, so they go to the incinerator. Too bad.

When the tumor is removed, there will likely be a sizable gap left behind; a variety of materials will be used to fill it in, and with time the other teeth ought to migrate back to their original positions. Eating will be easier, but not back to normal because of the missing teeth; later, after things heal up, and I can afford it, the option of implant-supported crowns is there. And I’ll look a bit trailer-park-ish with the missing teeth, but the fact that it’s most likely non-cancerous is enough to make me very, very thankful. I can live with trailer-park-ish; radiation & chemo therapy… I’ll pass, thanks.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it through the next few days and nights; eating will still be a challenge, but oatmeal and other soft foods aren’t all bad. The surest path to a good night’s sleep that I’ve found is two Vicoden, two ibuprofen, and my SleepRight Dental Guard. My mouth still hurts like crazy when I wake up, but things look so much better after a good restful night. Knowing that it’s not cancer, and knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel is huge. After last Thursday I was praying & hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst. I know God is good — all the time — and he will see me through whatever comes, but I still worried about my ability to cope. This won’t be an easy path, but I have some hope.

* A continuation of this post and this one.

It’s 2am; Do You Know Where Your Pain Is?

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I do. Right where it was a week and a day ago. But this time I have a weapon — a prescription pain killer & and a better cognizance of what’s causing the pain. Part of the issue last week was the unknown; was it just me, grinding/clenching my teeth that was the root cause of the pain, or was it something else? At least now I know that what I do or have done probably didn’t bring this on; I don’t know what the cure will bring, but I have some hope that there will be a cure. Even though I haven’t yet identified the enemy, just knowing that there is an enemy to be battled is strangely comforting.

The funny part of this is that I was just commenting to Yvonne about seven hours ago how I’d made it through most of the day with so little pain that I’d only taken two ibuprofen. But two hours after going to bed I’m wide awake again feeling like there’s a hot poker against the gums on my lower jaw, and that’s after taking a hydrocodone tablet and three ibuprofen at 10pm. Yvonne was rightfully thankful that I hadn’t had much pain, but it caused me to worry that perhaps the two teeth in question had in fact died, and the lack of pain wasn’t a good thing at all.

When thinking about the earlier bouts of pain, I wondered if anything I had done might have triggered the episodes; on at least two of those nights I had had something hot to drink before it came on and had eaten some pistachios. Tonight though the only similar food I had was a single almond. Nothing else crunchy at all, and nothing hot since about 6pm. And I went to bed with the night guard in place, so I know my teeth weren’t banging up against each other; this bout is about as spontaneous as it could be.

Not much has happened since my last post on this subject; the endodontist had promised me a call back on Thursday, but after waiting most of the day, I ended up calling his office at about 3pm. I didn’t speak with him, but was told by his assistant that he had got the software to work properly, but was still not able to determine from the micro-CT scan image what was going on. Like much that happens in the medical field, when confronted with anything outside a given specialist’s field of expertise, they are more than ready to hand you off to the next guy. And the next guy in this case is the oral surgeon, but the soonest I can get in is 3:30pm next Tuesday. Bother.

Now it’s been about 50 minutes since taking two more hydrocodone tablets, and the pain is still there, but dulled. I’m feeling sleepy as all get-out, so maybe the drowsiness will overcome the pain and allow me some sleep… I think I’ll give that a go.

Just Desserts

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Street performers… I can take ’em or leave ’em, but I don’t mess with them either. This guy on Australia’s Gold Coast did, and got exactly what he deserved. Would’ve been nice to see what followed though…

YouTube Link
via twentytwowords.com

A New Medical Adventure

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Another adventure that I did not — and would not — choose is upon me. Something is up with my lower jaw, and so far I’ve stumped four dentists and an endodontist. Funny; I had never even heard of Endodontics until yesterday when a friend who happens to be a dentist referred me to one.

The whole affair began last year… I had been having some tooth sensitivity on the lower left side of my mouth for a while, and brought it up with my dentist during a checkup. The x-rays didn’t show anything at all, and a visual examination didn’t show anything out of the ordinary either. The sensitivity was a bit vague; I couldn’t say definitively which tooth it was, so he did some testing with a cold probe in an attempt to pinpoint the culprit. Still nothing definitive, so he surmised it might be soreness resulting from nighttime teeth clenching, or bruxism, and suggested I consider buying a night guard dental appliance. I didn’t think that was it; if I were grinding my teeth, would it have come up suddenly? Wouldn’t I have pain on both sides? Why only one specific area affected? Too many questions and doubts on my part to drop $400 on a piece of custom-fitted plastic that may or may not do the trick. At that visit he also checked the bite, where the upper teeth contact the lower teeth, and thought a bite adjustment would help, so did some grinding.

The Doodlebug

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I just bumped into this photo on Flickr while looking for something else… such a cool old truck!

The photo belongs to Flickr user Ned & Neva; unfortunately there’s no clues as to where the truck was when the photo was snapped. The caption below the photo says it’s a “1929 Ford Ag Uitlity Vehicle”, and you can see hints of the Ford Model A cowl, door frame & dashboard, but the colors scream Ford 8N tractor. From the Flickr pages, it looks like it was taken at an event held at the Michigan Flywheelers Museum in Bangor, MI, which looks to be just down the road from Muskegon, one of our favorite vacation spots! Next time we’re in the area…

I’ve heard the term “doodlebug” many times before, and according to Wikipedia, it can refer to a lot of different things, but in this case a doodlebug is “a home-made tractor made in the United States during World War II when production tractors were in short supply. The Doodlebug of the 1940s was usually based on a 1920s or 1930s era Ford automobile which was then modified either by the complete removal or alteration of some of the vehicle body.” That description seems to fit this little gem perfectly.

What I was looking for was a higher resolution image of a sign like this…

I don’t recall ever seeing that as an ad or a sign before, but I think I can hear Dad saying something like it! I might have to make something like that to hang on my shed, or in the garage.

When I Grow Up…

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… I want to do what this guy does.

Or maybe this guy…

I get so tired sometimes of working for someone else, doing things that seem to have no lasting value, and fails to bring any joy in life. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the job I have and the people I work with and the company I work for. My job has flexibility and perks that would be the envy of many, but I don’t like doing what I do. It’s a long story… Maybe I’ll share it sometime. Until then, I’ll think of Robin Wood & John Neeman and the cool things they make.

Australian Fire Tornados

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This is pretty wild; wind whipping wildfires into short-lived tornado-like smoke funnels. They call them “fire tornados” or “fire whirls“, which is probably more accurate, since they probably don’t reach anywhere near the wind velocity of the real thing. Still, I’d hate to be caught in the path of something like that.

Click the go button on the video then jump ahead to 1:54 to skip over the talking heads’ chattering.

Skyfire-a dance of giants from chris tangey on Vimeo.

Malcom, The Ice Cream Guy

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I’ve never tried Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and after watching their ads, I’m not sure I want to.

Shades of Hannibal Lecter right there… Creepy.

They’ve named the character in the commercials Malcom, or more correctly, “the incomparable Malcolm, an asexual, genderless, non-human (but human-esque) being that formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce Vanilla ice cream.” Probably a blessing that Malcom is incomparable, considering the aura of creepiness exuded by he/she/it/whatever-it-is. Having just one is more than enough.

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