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A Tardis Murphy Bed

( Fun! andGeek andThe House )

What a great idea; a Murphy bed dressed up to look like a Tardis! The Murphy bed has been around for a long time, but this is just a neat adaptation of that concept. Although it doesn’t look bigger on the inside than on the outside, it does make the room it’s in feel bigger when […]

Something New In Garage Doors

( The House )

Here’s something I hadn’t seen before; a garage door without tracks:  The whole system — doors, lift mechanism, folding mechanism –is pretty ingenious. The biggest difference between this system and a traditional garage door is that you don’t have the track rails extending into the garage space, and that only half the height of the door ends up […]

Reviving My Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

( The House )

Over the weekend I resurrected my trusty old garage door opener. It’s an older Chamberlain door opener, nothing fancy at all, but it stopped after lifting the door about 8″ on Friday morning as I went to take my wife to work*. When it stopped, I hit the button a couple more times; it moved a […]

Bushy-Tailed Tree Rats

( Cars! andThe House )

We only have a single-car garage, which typically doesn’t have room for even a single car, so parking a car or three on the street is pretty much normal at our house. Just down the street from our property there is a walnut tree between the curb and the sidewalk, not far from where the […]

Define Curb-To-Curb Plowing

I glanced at the Argus Leader in the break room at work yesterday, and the letter to the editor on the front page of the Voices page jumped out at me; it literally warmed my heart! Snow accumulating along curbs DEB K. OLSON • SIOUX FALLS • JANUARY 20, 2011 Could someone define curb-to-curb snow […]

Caveat Emptor

The other day I noticed a couple of light bulbs in the family room light fixtures had burnt out and we were short on replacement 40W bulbs, so yesterday afternoon I stopped by the Menards store to pick some up. I usually just get the Sylvania packs of 4 bulbs; they work fine, give off […]

The Cicada Killer Wasp

For the last few summers we’ve had some scary looking bugs in our yard. Thankfully, they’re just scary looking, and nothing to really be afraid of, provided you’re not a cicada. A female cicada killer wasp in flight, approaching a prospective nest site. The lifecycle of the cicada killer wasp sounds like something out of […]

Compact Fluorescents Suck

I hate compact fluorescent light bulbs. I really do. I like the fact that they use less electricity than a standard incandescent bulb, but aside from that there is absolutely no up-side to using them. We’ve got CFL’s installed in various places around the house, and I discovered one of them was out this morning. […]

Countdown to Canaries!

A while back (two years ago!) I wrote a blurb about our then-new pet, Pippin, a male canary. We’ve enjoyed Pippin and his singing ever since, but I somehow neglected to mention that we brought home a girlfriend for Pippin a year ago. Pippin was a birthday gift for Yvonne two years ago, then last […]

The Monkey Bars

How’s this for obscure… On one of the rare occasions I sat down & watched an old, old re-run of the original Knight Rider (starring David Hasselhoff and the talking early-’80’s Trans Am with the funky strobe light), I happened to spot a set of monkey bars identical to the ones we’ve got in the […]