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Acquired — Argus C20 Camera

( Fun! andGadgets andOld Things )

Here’s something kinda fun; an Argus C2, my newest old camera find. I picked it up for cheap at a local thrift store a while back, the latest in my decades-old penchant for old cameras. I think my collection — if it can be called that — started with my grandmother’s Brownie Hawkeye, which somehow […]

“It’s Precision Technology!”

( Gadgets andGeek )

Here’s something fun; a ‘manual’ straight from Haynes on Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions! I’ve probably enjoyed the Wallace & Gromit claymation movies more than the kids; Gromit is probably the most entertaining of the pair, even though he never speaks a word. A few favorites from YouTube… The Tellyscope The Bully-Proof Vest And The […]

A Nocturnal Work Aid

I picked one of these headlamps up on sale at Lowe’s yesterday for $12 — it was the last of a Black Friday special on the shelf — and it’s already earned its keep, although my neighbors must think I’ve lost some marbles… Tonight Bryce & I spent the last hour of the day (11 […]

The Rescue Reel

( Gadgets )

Here’s a great product… The Rescue Reel. I remember having similar thoughts on 9/11, seeing people jumping out of those burning skyscrapers… There should be a better option for people in a situation like that than making a decision between dying by fire/smoke or by jumping. Looks like it allows anyone to rappel down the […]

Finally! Ad Blocking In Safari!

On my aging PowerBook G4 I usually have both Firefox and Safari open; Firefox because of the wonder of AdBlock Plus, and Safari because its controls are much more intuitive, and it’s able to render so many sites so much better than Firefox. Now, finally, there’s a chance I can just stick with Safari; Safari […]

A Handy Mic Stand

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If I ever become a death metal rock star (yeah, that’s me all over!) this stand will accompany me in every concert. So awesome. Interesting back story on the stand in the Wired article.

Video Game Driving Challenge

( Cars! andComputers andGadgets andGeek )

My kids have asked me before why it is that driving a computer-simulated car in a video game is so much different than driving a real car. My off-the-cuff answer has been that the controls in the video game are usually much cruder than those in a real car. Imagine if you were driving down […]

I Want Me An iPad

Apple just introduced the iPad, and I want one. You can read about all the details and watch the demo movie in lots of places, so I won’t spend any time on that… I just want one.

Apple’s Magical Mouse

I helped a friend set up her new 27″ iMac last weekend, and it came with the coolest new mouse… The Apple Magic Mouse. The mouse is the button, plus it has no scroll wheel, but you can use it to scroll up, down, diagonally and sideways. Comes in one color, wireless Bluetooth, but right […]

Getting Back Your Lost Camera

( Fun! andGadgets andGeek )

This is not only a great idea, it could be a real hoot putting it together! A Pictorial Guide to avoiding Camera Loss Have you lost your camera recently? Mislaid it somewhere in a national park? Left it in a taxi? Dropped it in the gorilla pit? Anyone can be a victim of the thoughtlessness […]