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Classical Gas

I remember Classical Gas from way back, but I don’t think I knew who the artist — Mason Williams — was. It got a lot of radio airtime I do know I enjoyed the song, and admired the guitar work. The blending of the guitar and orchestra is marvelously done. I also found a newer […]

My Empire of Dirt

I can’t say I’ve ever heard this song before, but I like it. I like it a lot. Johnny Cash, Dirt. Someone on the e28 board asked what everyone’s favorite guitar solo was, and I’ve been listening to all manner of guitar work. This was one I stumbled across while listening & poking around. More […]

Blessings — Laura Story

Last year a friend (with connections) gave us some tickets to a concert that she wasn’t able to attend. The headline act was Casting Crowns, with Laura Story and For King And Country warming things up. It was kinda funny because I had heard of Casting Crowns, but really couldn’t pick any song that they […]

Alive Inside

Alive Inside is a documentary about the power of music, and how it connects people with who they are and who they have been. Dan Cohen, the founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, uses music to help dementia patients recover lost memories; “to demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a […]

RIP: Ray Manzarek

Yesterday marked the passing of legend, Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors. I’ve been listening to some music from The Doors, and am just blown away by Ray’s musicianship, and the way he was able to work so seamlessly with Jim Morrison. Amazing stuff. I might have to break down and get a DVD or […]

The Perfect Beer

I understand fully that one man’s meat is another man’s poison — what one person finds absolutely delicious might taste terrible to another — but I believe I’ve discovered the perfect beer; Hetanker Brewery’s Cuvée van de Keizer Blauw (aka: Gouden Carolus Carolus D’Or – Grand Cru Of The Emperor.) Finding this beer was pretty […]

Temporal Distortion

No, not the kind they talk about on Star Trek. Very cool nonetheless. Play the video below full-screen to get the full effect. Temporal Distortion from Randy Halverson on Vimeo. Now wasn’t that awesome? via Neatorama and Looks like I have a little exploring to do on dakotalapse…

The Star Spangled Banner — The Other Verses

The Star Spangled Banner is one of the most well-known songs in the US. It is after all our National Anthem. But did you know that what we hear sung before a baseball game is actually just the first verse of a much longer song? Verse 1: Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s […]

Thicker Than Water

Blood is, that is. One of my favorite aunts passed away this year; Mom’s younger sister Carollee died unexpectedly in her apartment in Henderson, NV, at age 75. She and her seven kids had all left Sioux Falls for greener pastures at the far corners of the US, but Carollee’s second husband died shortly after […]

The Rifleman

The Rifleman was one of my all time favorite shows when I was a kid, and thinking about it a bit, still is one of my favorite shows. I flipped on the TV this morning & watched two episodes that were being played on The CW channel; awesome. The show’s original run was before my […]