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Google Chrome’s Automatic Translation

Living in Germany is made a lot easier by some of the tools Google has produced, like the Google Translate app, which uses your cell phone’s camera to do on-the-fly OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read things like foreign language signs, labels, and any other text, then translate that text to English (or one of […]

Yet Another Reason Windows Blows

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The PC users at work are pretty much standardized on Windows XP, but a couple of people use applications that are slated to be upgraded soon, and one of the requirements with that upcoming new version is Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. I had zero seat time on Win7, so to prepare for that upgrade […]

The Importance of Multi-Platform Browser Testing

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The SD Secretary of State’s office put up a nice reference to display election results tonight, Election Night 2010. Must be a new system because I don’t remember the look from the 2008 election. But when I pulled it up in Safari (5.0.2), it was obvious that somebody didn’t do their homework. I was pretty […]

Remote Access Gone Wild

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Ok, here’s a weird remote access tale, that just happens to be true… Tonight I needed to edit some video on a computer at church — a Mac G5. That particular computer is set up for remote access by way of VNC, but is behind a pretty tightly controlled firewall. The church does have a […]

Typing Hardware Addresses

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All network interface cards have MAC addresses, a string of alphanumeric characters unique to each interface. In keeping records for the machines at work, I’ve noticed that when keying in a hardware address it’s possible to do it two-handed on a standard US QWERTY keyboard with a keypad — numeric characters are entered with the […]

Video Game Driving Challenge

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My kids have asked me before why it is that driving a computer-simulated car in a video game is so much different than driving a real car. My off-the-cuff answer has been that the controls in the video game are usually much cruder than those in a real car. Imagine if you were driving down […]

What Changes Will The Next 18 Years Bring?

I was digging through my Sitemeter visitor stats a few days ago, and noticed again with a bit of wonder that one of the posts that consistently sees a fair bit of traffic is the one about the 68000 dash 30fx computer I have at home. The dash 30fx a monster of a Macintosh clone […]

I Want Me An iPad

Apple just introduced the iPad, and I want one. You can read about all the details and watch the demo movie in lots of places, so I won’t spend any time on that… I just want one.

Apple’s Magical Mouse

I helped a friend set up her new 27″ iMac last weekend, and it came with the coolest new mouse… The Apple Magic Mouse. The mouse is the button, plus it has no scroll wheel, but you can use it to scroll up, down, diagonally and sideways. Comes in one color, wireless Bluetooth, but right […]

A Strange Way To Track Time…

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I was digging through the system logs on the MS SQL server (SQL 2000 on a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine running inside VMWare ESXi on a monster Dell box; very cool. I’ll write about it sometime…) at work just now, trying to track down a goofy slowdown that happens on occasion, and came across […]