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Time for a Brighter Theme?

I changed the website theme a few years ago, but now that President Obama’s days are numbered, it might be time to change things up a bit with a new website visual theme. Donald Trump won the election. That fact doesn’t thrill me, other than that it means Hillary Clinton lost, but I’m cautioiusly optimistic […]

The Instructables Bump

Last week saw a huge jump in this site’s visitor count… Doesn’t matter which counter I check, they both show a bit of an increase after Christmas, with a huge jump on January 2. All that is attributable to an Instructable that came up last week which on a $200 Paint Job; the writer included […]

Twenty K!

A milestone slipped by me over the weekend; 20,000 visitors to this site, as measured by my Sitemeter account. Fifteen thousand went by without much hoopla, but thought I’d at least mention it for twenty. Looking back at my other posts celebrating other milestones, the pace is picking up a bit; 10,000 was towards the […]

Pick A Resolution, Any Resolution!

This is kinda fun… For those (like me) who have so much that needs improvement, they don’t know where to start. It’s funny that that resolution came up (after several clicks on the “GIMME MORE” button), because I had already started this post about resolving to add to my blog more often/regularly. I’ve got a […]

WordPress 2.8.4

How about a break from politics today… I took the dive yesterday & updated my WordPress install. I’ve been a little lazy about that lately… Came to rely on Powweb’s InstallCentral to do the updates, but that method tends to lag pretty far behind. When I updated yesterday, InstallCentral only took it to v.2.7. While […]

Ten Thousand Visitors!

How cool is this; when I wasn’t even watching, visitor number 10,000 came knocking at my site yesterday afternoon! From the SiteMeter report, it looks like number 10k was someone in the Army looking for info on wiring up a Freestar to pull a trailer, a trial I went through a while back. I’m glad […]

History Schmistory

Barack Hussein Obama was crowned inaugurated as President of the United States today. Many in the news media, who should be a little more objective about the event, breathlessly talk of this “historic event” and gush over how wonderful it is. Sure, it’s historic in that we have a black skinned man in the highest […]

5,000 Visitors!

Where was I when this new milestone was passed? I dunno, but it blew by on Nov. 30 and I totally missed it. Come to think of it, 4,000 went by just as stealthily, but I guess you shouldn’t have too many milestones. According to Sitemeter, somebody from Kirkland, Washington, was my 5,000th visitor; he/she […]

Pushing 3,000

Just two short months ago — June 10 — hit the milestone of 2,000 site visits, as recorded by Sitemeter. I commemorated that event with this post. Now it’s August 17, and it looks like that number will likely break the 3,000 barrier sometime today. Two months; how about that! It took about 21 […]

The King Of Unfinished Projects

Yes, that’s me alright. I love to take on a new project, and am just as ready to set it aside to start the next one. That’s true not only in my home improvement projects, my bike projects, my automotive projects, my work projects, etc… It also holds true right here on my WordPress blog. […]