BMWotD – 1995 M540i

The ’95 ///M Sport 540i market just continues to improve, at least for the fortunate few who own one and decide to sell. I’ve written about a couple other similar cars here before; they were pretty nice cars too, and the asking price on this one is just that much higher.

This is one of the few e34s I’d really like to own. But like my other old BMWs, I won’t likely be buying one like this; it’ll likely be a clapped-out, neglected POS that I’ll massage back to driver status over time. It’d sure be nice to buy something that’s been kept up like this car, but… I’m cheap that way.


1995 BMW Sport with the $7500 M Package.

This is not the typical 540i 6 speed sport. BMW had a special option which added most parts of the European M5 of that era.

BMW records indicate that only 135 manual ( 6 speeds) were built and 65 automatics for a total of 200 hours.

This is one of the nicest ones left. Please note, sometimes this car is referred to as the “M-Sport” or 540i with M sport Package. I have been a BMW owner and car club member for almost 40 years and this is by far one of the best BMW’s I have ever owned.

I do have a Autocheck and no accidents are verified on this.

Car has 74,000 miles and has been obsessively maintained. Note mileage can change slightly as I occasionally drive the car. I drive the car often enough to keep it fresh.

I truly think I have taken care of every area of concern that our enthusiast community thinks about.

Here is a short list:

  • – EDC shocks. I have the very last set of new factory shocks installed in front (less than 2000 miles ago). The rears were also replaced with a nice low mileage set, as well as the installation of new accumulators and and other rear SLS hoses.
  • – Cooling system. New primary and secondary water pumps as well as the radiator replaced.
  • – Brakes recently checked new rear rotors and pads installed.
  • – Replaced front spoiler with new spoiler as well as new glass for the low beam headlights. Flawless paint of the front spoiler only.
  • – Rest of paint is original along with proper VIN tags on each panel.
  • – Original block, no compression/leak down issues.
  • – Installed factory front armrests for the sport seats.
  • – Car is currently riding on the original 17″ BMW factory Forged Throwing Star wheels. I also have a very nice set of 16″ (very rare) Schnitzer Type 1 Monoblock wheels with Dunlop Winter Tires.
  • – Installed factory rear reading lights with the factory correct 95 lights that have a very specific harness. Only available in Europe.
  • – Factory options: ASC+T, Heated Seats, CD Changer and Cell Phone
  • – M5 black rear filler plate trim
  • – Light window tint
  • – Front Clear Bra
  • – Front interior lights upgraded with LED theatre lights like later model BMW’s, nice touch
  • – Center counsel BMW drink holder, slightly modified to hold better.
  • – Previous owner installed rear M badge, I can live with it. You can delete it.

After I bought the car I discovered it has a built in radar detector, I never use it, but it does work fine.
Hidden A2DP Bluetooth transmitter so your Bluetooth enabled phone connects through the radio.
All service current, needs nothing.
For more information on the 540i Sport Please see Charlie’s webpage at:
Thank you for your interest.

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