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Climate Change Deniers Are Completely Insane

I couldn’t agree more with this guy, Matt Walsh, in the article posted on, Climate Change Deniers Are Completely Insane. Here’s an excerpt: If anyone is a climate change denier — that is, someone who denies that climates change — I’d agree that he is an imbecile and probably mentally unstable. Yet that view […]

The Science Is Settled

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Yeah, sure it is.

Intellectual Phase-Locking

Intellectual Phase-Locking: A condition that results when dogmatic assumptions inhibit inquiry. I could listen to this guy, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, all day long. His classic British accent & professorial manner make listening to him almost a pleasure. It doesn’t hurt a bit that what he has to say makes so much sense. In this first […]

A Tardis Murphy Bed

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What a great idea; a Murphy bed dressed up to look like a Tardis! The Murphy bed has been around for a long time, but this is just a neat adaptation of that concept. Although it doesn’t look bigger on the inside than on the outside, it does make the room it’s in feel bigger when […]

BMWotD — 1988 M3 with S50B32 Swap

I don’t ordinarily gravitate toward e30s, but this one is quite special, and I would certainly make an exception. If money were no object. An e30 M3 in Hennarot, with a European S50B32 motor in place of the original 4-cylinder. Don’t get me wrong, a car like this with the original 4-cylinder is no slouch, […]

Something New In Garage Doors

Here’s something I hadn’t seen before; a garage door without tracks:  The whole system — doors, lift mechanism, folding mechanism –is pretty ingenious. The biggest difference between this system and a traditional garage door is that you don’t have the track rails extending into the garage space, and that only half the height of the door ends up […]