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BMWotD — e36 Compact with M50 Six

It’s been a while since I last posted a BMWotD, and I’ve got a few of them stashed away on my local drive, so time to play some catch-up. This one was listed for sale on the Minneapolis CraigsList earlier this month, and had (un)fortunately sold before I saw mention of it on the […]

Some Serious Progress

Another very tardy update; the last few weeks have been, um… eventful. Four weeks ago I had my first sit-down with Dr. McGraw, the radiation oncologist. There was a bit of a snafu in the scheduling, as he would’ve preferred to have seen me after my PET scan (which was done the following Thursday morning; […]

Godspeed, Ken

A good friend — Ken — found an end to his earthly suffering today, losing his battle with mesothelioma. I’ve known members of Ken’s family much longer than I’ve known him, so it feels like I’ve known him forever. In reality though it’s only been about 15 years or so. Ken is a few years […]