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I Don’t Smoke, Don’t Chew, & Don’t Go With Girls That Do…

When I first learned that I had cancer on my jaw, the oral surgeon made a point of telling me that what I had was not squamous cell carcinoma, but rather non-Hodgkins lymphoma. At first I didn’t quite get why he was making that distinction, but after thinking about it and doing some research on […]

BMWotD — Rod Paine’s ’83 528e

Rod Paine is quite a guy. He’s one of the more memorable characters on mainly because he still owns and daily-drives the 1983 BMW 528e that he bought in April of 1983. Rod posted the following on this morning to commemorate the birthdate of his car: This month, our 528e turns 30, as […]

RIP: Ray Manzarek

Yesterday marked the passing of legend, Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors. I’ve been listening to some music from The Doors, and am just blown away by Ray’s musicianship, and the way he was able to work so seamlessly with Jim Morrison. Amazing stuff. I might have to break down and get a DVD or […]

The Cure; Phase 2 — Cancer Goggles

Today is Tuesday, May 21, officially Day 28 of The Cure, and day six following the second chemo infusion. Like the first infusion time, it set me back on my heels a bit, but six days out I’m definitely on the upswing. This time around I’ve had a bit more nausea, and things are still […]

I Love My Car

Well, that’s probably overstating things a bit; I really just like it a lot and am very content with it. And that’s why I’d kinda like to replace it. My daily driver is the 1988 BMW 735i 5-speed that I bought for $1,200 and brought home in the fall of 2009. It’s a great car, […]

What A Difference Two Weeks Makes!

As Day 19 comes to a close, I figure an update is way overdue. The chemicals that were pumped into my system on April 24 made me feel pretty crappy for several days after, but it’s been just like Tim predicted; a few “tough days… followed by better weeks.” Two weeks and four days out, […]

Chandeliering Ice

( Fun! andThe World )

Here’s a weather-related phenomenon I had never heard of before today; chandeliering ice. According to the site, chandeliering “happens when warming temperatures cause a once solid mass of ice to splinter into fine, glass-like shards.” That would be something to see. Too bad the video is a bit grainy, and there’s no close-up of […]