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To The Pain…

Well, today (Saturday that is) sure sucked. Up until today I was feeling pretty good following Monday’s surgery; the surgical site was healing up pretty well, and it felt like my front teeth were beginning to move back into a normal position that would allow my jaw to close fully & allow for proper mastication […]

The Medical Adventure Continues… ch. 3

This medical adventure suddenly got enormously interestinger today… I missed a call from Dr. Miller this morning, but he left a voicemail message to share with me the preliminary results that came back from the biopsy on the tumor he removed from my jaw on Monday. The results point to the presence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. […]

BMWotD — 1985 745i/5-speed

Here’s one that came up for sale on recently, and I would dearly love to have. The e23 745i was never sold in the US, so every one of them is a gray-market import; in most every case the car was originally purchased by someone who really wanted one and went to extreme lengths […]

And the saga continues… *

Today was the day for my appointment with the oral surgeon, and we’re finally getting some answers, if not some relief. Initially they did a panoramic x-ray, but that didn’t show much of anything, so Dr. Miller ordered a 3D CT image. After having a look at that and a peek inside my mouth, he […]

It’s 2am; Do You Know Where Your Pain Is?

I do. Right where it was a week and a day ago. But this time I have a weapon — a prescription pain killer & and a better cognizance of what’s causing the pain. Part of the issue last week was the unknown; was it just me, grinding/clenching my teeth that was the root cause […]

Just Desserts

Street performers… I can take ’em or leave ’em, but I don’t mess with them either. This guy on Australia’s Gold Coast did, and got exactly what he deserved. Would’ve been nice to see what followed though… YouTube Link via

A New Medical Adventure

Another adventure that I did not — and would not — choose is upon me. Something is up with my lower jaw, and so far I’ve stumped four dentists and an endodontist. Funny; I had never even heard of Endodontics until yesterday when a friend who happens to be a dentist referred me to one. […]

“My Parents’ First Car”

( Cars! andFamily andFun! )

Here’s a great story… Joe and Beverly Smith had a 1948 Plymouth convertible when they first married, but had to sell it when Joe was drafted for the Korean War. For the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary, their son Joel surprised them with a car that brought back memories. It wasn’t easy, but it was all […]


( Fun! andThe Deep )

I stumbled upon this bit of prose & thought I’d stick it up here: Outlook Greed My life is full indeed of gloom. I’ve naught , you see, just this small room. I need more wealth – that’s misery. What joys in great renown! What glee! The mace and throne I long to own. No […]