BMWotD — S62B50 Swapped e28

Here’s an interesting car… An ’82 528i with the heart of a 2002 e39 M5.

The look of this car is near perfect; euro bumpers, lowered suspension, etc… But the beauty in this car is what comes to life when you turn the key;

The 2002 M5 that this engine — with 394 hp & 369 lb·ft torque — came from is a rocket in its own right, but drop it into an e28 that weighs about 1,000 pounds less will make for a rocket-sled-type experience. At 55,000 Polish Zlotys (about $17,000 US) it doesn’t look like a bad deal, considering what you get in the package…

I have for sale BMW E28 in 1982 that the factory was “528I”. I bought a car a year ago and since then has become in the garage at MGARAGE of Tarnobrzeg. The Company performed the following work:

– Removal of the original engine with the gas installation
– Removal of the interior
– Maintenance and painting the cab, engine compartment and undercarriage components (all painted in body color)
– Installation of a safety cage under Annex “J” and varnishing the body color
– Installation of new bucket seats Bimarco Futura (FIA approval 8859/2000) on mobile mounts
– Installation of safety belts OMP Racing 4M
– Install the steering wheel OMP Corsica
– Installation of BMW S62B50 engine from the BMW M5 E39 in 2002. (Facelift version)
– Transmission: 6-speed
– The entire suspension was postponed from E34 540i with brakes
– New large cooler with an extra fan
– Hand-made exhaust system in stainless steel with X PIPE
– Aluminum intake system ended SIMOTA AIR-boxes:
– BC Racing suspension thread
– Limited slip 60%

The car is still in very good condition and has been polished finish about 1.5 years ago by the previous owner. Rust in some places, but now there is a shack cups and is in perfect condition. For auto founded the original BMW wheels that are reconditioned and painted the color of the images shown. Wheels are mounted on new tires Hankook V12 235/45/17 sizes

Therefore, all the work that lasted a long time and my life plans have changed slightly, when the car had really ride because everything is still new and fresh. Currently, the car mentioned a new SACHS clutch, and a fresh oil Castrol 10W60. In the near future I will have to find a car on the dynamometer and present a graph.
This text translated from the original Polish ad’s text via Google Translate

$17,000 is a lot of dough for this car, and that wouldn’t cover what it would take to ship it to the US. An ’02 M5 in stock form would probably cost in the neighborhood of $20,000; this one will likely be waiting a while for the right buyer or the price to come down. Nice to dream about a ride in it though. Zoom…

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