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BMWotD — S62B50 Swapped e28

Filed under: BMW Of The Day — dave @ 5:03 pm 2013/02/25

Here’s an interesting car… An ’82 528i with the heart of a 2002 e39 M5.

The look of this car is near perfect; euro bumpers, lowered suspension, etc… But the beauty in this car is what comes to life when you turn the key;

The 2002 M5 that this engine — with 394 hp & 369 lb·ft torque — came from is a rocket in its own right, but drop it into an e28 that weighs about 1,000 pounds less will make for a rocket-sled-type experience. At 55,000 Polish Zlotys (about $17,000 US) it doesn’t look like a bad deal, considering what you get in the package…


BMWotD — 1984 Albina B9 3.5

Filed under: BMW Of The Day — Tags: , , , — dave @ 5:10 pm 2013/02/20

It’s been a while since I posted a BMW of the Day, and this one caught my fancy. Price; stratospherically out of reach at $39,990. But for this particular example, it’s probably worth it. An extremely well done restoration, and it doesn’t look like it’s been driven much at all since then. Cars are not made for sitting in garages looking pretty, but I’d be afraid to drive this one. Part of me would totally do the Ferris Beuller thing with it, but Cameron would be there holding me back, big time.

Enough of my blabbing; I don’t need to extol the virtues of the e28 platform any more than I already have, and Alpina has already been discussed as well (although this one doesn’t have the super-go-fast turbo option), so let’s just jump to the gallery, shamelessly borrowed from the dealer, Enthusiast Auto Group. I don’t think they’ll mind me spreading the word around a little more.