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Obama’s “Vote For Romney” Video

Filed under: Media Bias,Politics — dave @ 3:34 pm 2012/10/31

This video is all kinds of amazing. The best part is that President Obama has spent the last four years writing what is at its essence a Romney/Ryan campaign ad. How brilliant is that?

Actually, the content of that video is downright depressing. If it were a Republican President with glaring inconsistencies like that the media would be all over it. Good to see that tidbit from John Stewart in there; until that, everything I had heard from him had been pretty blatantly pro-Obama.

What Was He Thinking About?

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I saw this photo on some website this morning…

… and thought it needed a caption, at minimum. But I think this is better…

I was thinking of Gazerbeam, but there weren’t many images of him dredged up by Google and I couldn’t tweak his helmet to fit the photo. I ended up using Frozone’s helmet for him, and what do you know; it fits!

I can almost hear him role playing with Michelle, “Honey? Where’s my super-suit?”

After listening to last night’s debate, if I couldn’t laugh at the candidates, I’d have to cry.

When I Grow Up…

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… I want to do what this guy does.

Or maybe this guy…

I get so tired sometimes of working for someone else, doing things that seem to have no lasting value, and fails to bring any joy in life. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the job I have and the people I work with and the company I work for. My job has flexibility and perks that would be the envy of many, but I don’t like doing what I do. It’s a long story… Maybe I’ll share it sometime. Until then, I’ll think of Robin Wood & John Neeman and the cool things they make.

Australian Fire Tornados

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This is pretty wild; wind whipping wildfires into short-lived tornado-like smoke funnels. They call them “fire tornados” or “fire whirls“, which is probably more accurate, since they probably don’t reach anywhere near the wind velocity of the real thing. Still, I’d hate to be caught in the path of something like that.

Click the go button on the video then jump ahead to 1:54 to skip over the talking heads’ chattering.

Skyfire-a dance of giants from chris tangey on Vimeo.