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BMWotD — 2001 X5

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Well, it seems my better half has caught the BMW bug; she’s ready to offload the Ford Freestar van we’ve been driving for several years and has decided she’d like a BMW. I’m still trying to grasp the awesomeness of that; I knew I married well, but… Wow.

Anyway, she asked me to track down a few to look at, and since the Twin Cities area has a far greater selection than anywhere else within a reasonable drive, we’re planning a trip there this weekend to look at a few and maybe bring one home. The one that has really caught my eye is this 2001 X5:

2001 BMW X5 – Rare 5 Speed Manual – $7500 (S.E. Minneapolis)

2001 BMW, Sport Edition – Full Time AWD 3.0 V6 154K, in excellent condition mechanically & cosmetically.
Tires Good – All maintenance up to date – Repair Documentation available.
Tinted windows all round ( except windshield )
A/C blows cold
Sport self leveling Suspension
Upgraded Stereo with 6 Disk,
Fast & Easy fold down seats
OEM Towing package ( seldom used but great to have )
Luggage Area Cover
OEM Winter Floor Mats
18in Wheels with Sport rims
Great SUV – Fun to Drive – Peppy – Like new condition – no accidents or body putty – rust free – garaged
$7500.00 or best reasonable offer.

The seller obviously doesn’t know an I6 from a V6 (BMW has never built a V6 engine), but aside from that seems to know that this is a BMW built for the enthusiast… It looks to been special ordered with all the right boxes checked; Sport Package, 3.0 liter M54BB30 engine, 5-speed transmission, factory towing package, self-leveling suspension… I’ve corresponded a bit with the owner; sounds like he’s the second owner and has all the maintenance records since the car was new. No rust, no accidents, clean paint and interior… Looks like a great car. But considering that the NADA retail price is just a tad over $10,000 (with the optional equipment added) makes me wonder why he’s got it priced at $7,000.

We’ll have a look at the car on Saturday, if it’s still available. In talking with the seller it didn’t sound like people were beating down his door wanting to look at it, probably because of the 5-speed. I’m always amazed that so many people think a manual transmission in a car is a negative; when you consider that a manual is far more reliable and will return better gas mileage than an automatic, it seems a no-brainer, especially on a vehicle with 150,000 miles on it. But I guess the point and shoot mentality is pretty much the norm in the US today.


Incomplete? Really?

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This is brilliant; the President gives himself an “incomplete” as a grade for his first term. Incomplete? Isn’t that the grade a kid gets when he slacks off and doesn’t turn in his assignments? Usually an “I” is given before the end of a term and is a warning for the kid to shape up and get his work turned in.

I don’t quite get how the President made that conclusion, nor what it means in his head, but following the conventional definition of an “incomplete”, I don’t hold out much hope for him to redeem himself before the end of this term. I think when he said that, shooting from the hip, he meant his job isn’t done and is hoping for another four years to complete what he’s started. Given the state of things today, he sure doesn’t deserve another four years to prove himself; I’m confident that in November he’ll get the grade he deserves from a large majority of voters; a resounding “F“.

And this just in; the DNC announced today that Barack’s convention speech will be held in a different venue tomorrow night. They are saying the move was prompted by the threat of thunderstorms predicted for Thursday night and concerns for safety in the 74,000 seat open-air Bank of America stadium. But given the slight chance of that (30%) it makes you wonder what the real motivation might be. Maybe the fear of a lightning strike is real, especially given the President’s tendency to stray from the truth, or maybe they’re more afraid of showing images of vast numbers of empty chairs. After all, like Mr. Eastwood showed us last week, there can be only one Empty Chair.