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The Most Arrogant Man In The World

( Fun! andPolitics )

Sad, but so very true. “He picked Joe Biden to be his Vice President just to show he doesn’t need one.” From Don’ and Because he is just that good.

BMWotD — The Semi-Legendary M7

Edit: Bumping this back up to the top because it’s such a cool car, and it’s back up for sale. Eric sold it back in 2012, and it appears that Todd (the man behind Turbocharging Dynamics) bought it a couple of months ago. As a dyed-in-the-wool turbo guy, Todd knows that normally-aspirated cars don’t hold […]

Say What Again!

( Fun! andMovies andMusic )

This is pretty awesome, and at times hilarious; a movie song remix using footage and audio from Pulp Fiction. I envy the Pogo’s video editing skills terribly. (WARNING: Contains profanity, as should be expected since it does come from Pulp Fiction.) Link to Video Can’t say that the music is my cup of tea, but […]

BMWotD — M3-Converted 318Ti

A few weeks ago I drove to Minneapolis with Emily to pick up her new-to-her car; a ’98 BMW 318Ti (e36 Compact.) It’s a great little car — zinno red, 5-speed, hatchback — and suits her perfectly. Seeing the grin on her face when we first took it for a test drive was priceless! Since […]