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I was involved in a conversation online a while back that touched on marital quarrels, and a friend mentioned ducking… I didn’t get it, so he elaborated:

I’ve not had to duck, but I have been hit a few times, because my wife chose to duck.

Let me explain… You know how the Bible says for “husbands to love your wives” and for “wives to respect their husbands”. One way to show respect is to bow, correct? Bowing is similar to ducking. Get the picture?

My wife is sensitive enough to know when God is trying to teach me something, so when she disagrees with me and sees I’m being blinded for some reason, she’ll submit to my decision, in effect ducking, and allowing the Hand of God to reach it’s intended target.

If she continued standing and arguing with me, face to face, then she’d get hit in the back of the head, by His Hand as opposed to me taking the intended discipline.

Needless to say, when I can’t hear God clearly myself, I’ve learned to listen to my wife.

Be Blessed my friend.

Some wise words there.

BMWotD — Chris Harris on the M5

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Confession time; I have no idea who Chris Harris is or why I found this video of his, but what I do know is that he is dead on about the M5. Some day…