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Heavenly Envy

I went to a funeral for friend this afternoon. He died at age 55. A month or so ago I attended the funeral for a guy I hung out with in high school; he died at 50. I still feel like I’m too young to be burying people that are close to my own age, […]

I Am Now A Megadeth Fan

I can’t say that I could name a single Megadeth song, nor would I recognize one if I heard it played, but I am solidly a fan of the band’s frontman, Dave Mustaine… “I’m just hoping that whatever is in the White House next year is a Republican. I can’t bear to watch what’s happened […]

Temporal Distortion

No, not the kind they talk about on Star Trek. Very cool nonetheless. Play the video below full-screen to get the full effect. Temporal Distortion from Randy Halverson on Vimeo. Now wasn’t that awesome? via Neatorama and Looks like I have a little exploring to do on dakotalapse…

Happy Birthday, Dutch!

( Fun! andPolitics )

Today marks the 101st anniversary of the day of Ronald Reagan’s birth. Happy Birthday, Dutch! I get a kick out of his nickname, “Dutch”. My dad and all his brothers were given nicknames by a hired hand when they were kids; the eldest brother was “Abie”, next was “Dutch”, dad was “Swede”, and his little […]

Political Blackmail

I was listening to the radio while running errands today, and the news was just breaking that Donald Trump was endorsing Mitt Romney for the RNC Presidential nomination. The news reporter added that if Romney were to get the nomination the The Donald said he wouldn’t run as a third-party candidate… Lovely; now we have […]