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BMWotD x 2

No, there’s no such thing as a BMW X2; today’s my birthday, so I picked two BMWs that would make perfect birthday gifts. For me. Not to be greedy or anything, but… Both cars just happen to be for sale on right now; first up is a 1984 European 520i. Not a lot of […]

Kyle – age 13

This last summer, the adult fellowship/Sunday school class we attend went through The Truth Project, which is a 13 lesson, DVD-based program taught by Dr. Del Tackett that helps to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview. The Truth Project is a great program, but one of the really striking things is the kid that’s […]

Caterham 7 Academy

( Cars! andFun! )

Caterham 7 Academy,/a> I wonder how different my life today would be if this had been around 30 years ago. My guess? Very, very different. 1.6 Ford Sigma From £19,450 or less than £300 per month* Learn to be a racing driver in the world’s most popular racing car Price includes road-legal car, technical support, […] — Really?

( Fun! andPolitics )

This is a for-real play in the Barack Obama reelection campaign playbook. Gotta wonder though what exactly is considered an “attack” on the President; anything that puts him in a bad light I guess, which in most cases includes the unvarnished, un-spun truth (ie: not what comes out of the White House Briefing Room, nor […]

The SplinterBike

( Bikes )

Here’s a great wooden bike project; The SplinterBike! No bolts or screws, just wood and glues! …a 100% Wooden Bicycle Land Speed Record… attempt! The bike is built completely from wood; no spokes, no chains, no metal anywhere (although it appears he did resort to using some nylon bushings when he discovered that no matter […]

The FridgeCouch

Saw this on Treehugger yesterday; very cool… Cool Couches Made From Recycled Fridges The fridge couch — well, someone out there had to finally marry the two. Created by Canadian designer Adrian Johnson, these customized ultra-retro seaters are made from vintage refrigerators and salvaged car seats that he rescues from local junkyards. Johnson’s apparent mission: […]

Get Out Of The Way

President Obama gave his so-called jobs speech tonight, and as was widely predicted, it’s nothing more than another “stimulus plan” he’s trying to fly under the radar. Sure, there are lots of things in this imaginary bill that he was blathering on about that might actually help, but there are a lot of other things […]