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The Braying Jackass In Chief

President Obama addressed the nation last night to supposedly bring us up to speed on what’s going on with the debt ceiling stalemate between the Republicans in the House and him & the Democrats. I didn’t see the live broadcast but did catch the video & read the transcript, and was completely disgusted afterward. I […]

Tiny Ponies All Around

I was Googling (ok, doing a Google search) for something Apple-related this morning, and one of the results at the top of the list caught my eye: There is a horse in the Apple Store and no one sees it but me. I think, “Why?” What is the villain here that blinds all of these […]

Welcome To Jimmy Carter’s 3rd Term

Excellent article in today’s Washington Times by Charles Hurt: The problem with reaching a deal to raise the debt ceiling, (President Obama) explained in a long sermon, is that there is this huge wave of Republicans who won control of the House in the last election by promising not to raise any more taxes and […]

The Sky Is Falling!

Or at least you’d think so, listening to the President. He is now on record saying that he can’t guarantee that Social Security checks, veterans’ checks, disability checks, etc… will be able to be sent out on August 3 if Congress can’t resolve its differences over reducing the deficit/raising the country’s debt limit by then. […]

The Truth Can Set You Free

And in the case of MSNBC’s Mark Halperin was set free — indefinitely — for speaking the truth about President Obama’s press conference performance last Wednesday. Sitting on the set of “Morning Joe,” Mr. Halperin smiled mischievously as he disparaged Mr. Obama’s behavior at a news conference a day earlier. “I thought he was kind […]

Casey Who?

I’ve paid about zero attention to the Casey Anthony trial, so all I knew of it was the little tidbits that I caught before flipping the TV or radio to another station when the name came up. The jury yesterday returned a verdict of “not guilty”. Unfortunately, the end of the trail won’t be the […]

The Star Spangled Banner — The Other Verses

The Star Spangled Banner is one of the most well-known songs in the US. It is after all our National Anthem. But did you know that what we hear sung before a baseball game is actually just the first verse of a much longer song? Verse 1: Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s […]