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BMWotD — 1985 635CSi

Filed under: BMW Of The Day — Tags: , , — dave @ 11:20 pm 2011/03/19

I’ve brought up the BMW e24 before, and will likely do so again (and again, and…); it is, after all, one of my favorite cars of all time. This one was listed for sale on mye28.com, but sold earlier this year. No word yet on where it ended up, but it is a very clean, very nice looking car. With an asking price of $14,000 for a 26 year old car, it had better be nice, but this thing looks like new.

Robert & Amy’s Wedding Dance

Filed under: Fun! — dave @ 11:51 pm 2011/03/18

This is fun; just watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray’s brother Robert gets married. At the end, the happy couple is called out to the dance floor for the first dance; makes me wish Yvonne & I had done a wedding dance!