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“It’s Precision Technology!”

( Gadgets andGeek )

Here’s something fun; a ‘manual’ straight from Haynes on Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions! I’ve probably enjoyed the Wallace & Gromit claymation movies more than the kids; Gromit is probably the most entertaining of the pair, even though he never speaks a word. A few favorites from YouTube… The Tellyscope The Bully-Proof Vest And The […]

BMWotD — 1973 3.0csi

Now this is a gorgeous car. I’ve always loved the body lines of the BMW e9 coupes, and this one has received some improvements that make it even more desirable. For one, the original carbureted M30 has been replaced with a fuel-injected M30B35 for better reliability and lots more horsepower. The e9’s are notorious for […]

Murilee Martin Is Quite A Guy!

( Cars! andPCH )

Jalopnik has long been one of my favorite online haunts, and one of the features that I enjoy(ed) there was the Project Car Hell challenges; Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that’s the coolest… and the most hellish! Basically a game where you get to choose between […]

Awesome Visible Shock Wave Video

This sort of thing has always fascinated me; a plane moving at supersonic speed leaves a shock wave in its wake. The sonic boom is one thing, and is pretty awesome to experience, but the visible shock wave is something else entirely! This video of the launch of an Atlas V rocket shows a visible […]

He Didn’t Lie; He Was Just ‘Mistaken’

This is rich; … former Vice President Al Gore on Monday said he made a mistake in supporting corn-based ethanol while he was in office, admitting he was more interested in farm votes for his presidential run than what was best for the environment. Wonder when he’ll ‘fess up & admit that he was similarly […]

Define Curb-To-Curb Plowing

I glanced at the Argus Leader in the break room at work yesterday, and the letter to the editor on the front page of the Voices page jumped out at me; it literally warmed my heart! Snow accumulating along curbs DEB K. OLSON • SIOUX FALLS • JANUARY 20, 2011 Could someone define curb-to-curb snow […]

The Psychology Of Being Watched

The pressroom manager at work — Steve — has been having trouble with some of the night & weekend shift guys getting on his computer and playing games & whatnot, and generally making a mess of his desk by getting ink on his stuff, so he came to me a couple of weeks ago for […]

BMWotD — The Way The eta Oughta Look

Somebody in the San Francisco Bay area signed up as a member on last week to post a for sale ad for his 1988 528e. And it looks like a nice, nice car. From the ad: For sale is my 1988 528e. 5-speed manual. ETA engine. Royal Blue with Beige interior. 311K miles, and […]

Z’Kota — From Endangered To Extinct

( Fun! )

I missed my last opportunity to enjoy my favorite sandwich at my favorite restaurant chain; the last of the Z’Kota restaurants closed its doors over New Year’s weekend. Sad. Z’Kota was a locally-owned chain of four restaurants; three in Sioux Falls and one in Brookings. Originally the stores were part of the Hardee’s franchise until […]