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Thicker Than Water

Blood is, that is. One of my favorite aunts passed away this year; Mom’s younger sister Carollee died unexpectedly in her apartment in Henderson, NV, at age 75. She and her seven kids had all left Sioux Falls for greener pastures at the far corners of the US, but Carollee’s second husband died shortly after […]

An Obama Chia Pet? Seriously?

I heard an ad on the radio this afternoon for a Barack Obama version of the Chia Pet. At first I thought it was a joke, so I looked it up and sure enough, it’s an actual for seriously real product. My first thought is that somebody’s going to complain about this being ‘racist’ […]

Gawker FAIL!

( Geek )

Gawker Media is the 500lb gorilla of the blogosphere, owning a pile of very popular websites. One of my favorite websites — Jalopnik — belongs to them. I’ve followed Jalopnik since long before they were swallowed up by Gawker, and while the format has become a little too… Gawker-ish in recent years, I still visit […]

BMWotD — 1967 BMW 2000tilux Time Machine

Here is an outstanding little BMW… A 1967 2000tilux with a mere 12,800 miles on the clock! Judging by the amazing condition this car is in, I don’t doubt that mileage figure a bit. Of course, photos can be deceiving and a closer inspection would be needed if I were planning to buy this car, […]

BMWotD — 1985 Hartge H5S E28

This car is the ultimate BMW e28; a 1985 BMW 535i that has been modified by Hartge, a renowned third-party BMW tuner. Not only that, it’s been restored by Ron Perry, a long-time e28 aficionado, known for his quality work. The color combination on this car is perfect, and the work Ron has done to […]

BMWotD — 1984 Alpina B7 Turbo

Here is an awesome car, that sold on eBay recently for $20,100. Some say it went for far too little. What makes a 27 year old car worth that as much or more than the average BMW e28 sold new? The primary factor for this particular car is that was re-made in very limited numbers […]

The Rifleman

The Rifleman was one of my all time favorite shows when I was a kid, and thinking about it a bit, still is one of my favorite shows. I flipped on the TV this morning & watched two episodes that were being played on The CW channel; awesome. The show’s original run was before my […]