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We’ll Wait Until November…

Last weekend, Senator Harry Reid – D, released a statement saying that there will be no vote on extending the Bush tax cuts until late November — after the mid-term elections. “The reality is, we will not pass what needs to be passed to change this either in the Senate or the House before the […]

Steve Martin on Twitter

( Fun! )

Throwing stand-up comedy one-liners on Twitter seems to be a perfect match, judging by Steve Martin‘s Twitter page, SteveMartinToGo. I tell wife I need printer paper. Am now driving car in Beverl. Hill. Californi. (I abbreviated Beverly Hills, California to save space). 2:10 PM Sep 25th via web Have just been pulled over by cop. […]

All Ur Money Are Belong To Us

This is a slightly scary proposition. The UK’s tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that all employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which the government would deduct what it deems as the appropriate tax and pay the employees by bank transfer. Would anybody be surprised if this was tried on our […]

The Music of The Nürburgring

( Cars! andFun! )

Speaking of the BMW M1, here’s a great video on YouTube. Click the full-screen button, slip on some headphones (or crank the speakers up uncomfortably loud!), and enjoy the ride. That Hans Wagner is one heck of a driver, and the M1 Procar is one heck of a car.

Put Away The Leeches Already!

Here’s another good article from American Thinker yesterday… There are two hypotheses, at least. One is the standard story of the government-as-savior crowd. TARP and other bailouts fixed the financial crisis and Obama’s stimulus stopped the economic recession that resulted. Without either one, things would have been worse, much worse. Here is another hypothesis. We […]

Happy Constitution Day!

Today is the 223rd anniversary of the signing of our Constitution; Constitution Day. Time to read up, again & see what our Founders had in mind for us at the outset, and how it applies to us today. “… it tells you the whole story in just three words: We The People.” — Ronald Reagan

A Banshee on eBay?

Look what showed up on eBay… half of the Pontiac Banshees in existence. (Well, yeah; there were only two built…) So far the price is up to just over $85,000 (reserve not met), but I predict it’ll go much, much higher in the five days left in the auction. I might throw a bid in […]


( Family andFun! )

Translation; it’s “I’ve Been Married Longer Than I Was Single” Day! On my last birthday I realized that I was twice the age I was when Yvonne & I married. That got me to wondering when exactly I would have been married longer than I was single, so I did some figuring to determine my […]

BMWotD — 1980 M1

Now this is a car… The 1980 BMW M1, aka the E26. With the exception of the kidney grilles and the BMW roundels, the M1 actually looks more like an Italian supercar of the same vintage, which should come as no surprise as it was designed by Lamborgini for BMW. Thankfully, the doors swing horizontally, […]

Mountain of Debt?

While watching the news a few nights ago KELO showed some clips from a debate between the three candidates for South Dakota’s lone US House of Representatives seat. In it, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin made a pretty outlandish statement about the country’s mounting debt load… We have to make some hard decisions to sustain and strengthen […]