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Finally! Ad Blocking In Safari!

On my aging PowerBook G4 I usually have both Firefox and Safari open; Firefox because of the wonder of AdBlock Plus, and Safari because its controls are much more intuitive, and it’s able to render so many sites so much better than Firefox. Now, finally, there’s a chance I can just stick with Safari; Safari […]

Our Own Bridge To Nowhere

The Yankton Trail Bridge has been a landmark in Sioux Falls for a long, long time. The bridge gets its name from the trail & stage road connecting the settlement that became Sioux Falls, SD, to Yankton, SD, which was then the capital of Dakota Territory. A small remnant of the original trail remains on […]

Vox Day

( Geek andLinks andPolitics )

I’ve never heard of this guy before, just bumped into his blog while Googling for something totally unrelated. But after reading this paragraph — a comment on wildly inaccurate temperatures recorded by NOAA — VOX POPOLI may be added to my blogroll, and my daily reading list… Needless to say, restructuring the global economy on […]

Remote Access Gone Wild

( Computers andGeek )

Ok, here’s a weird remote access tale, that just happens to be true… Tonight I needed to edit some video on a computer at church — a Mac G5. That particular computer is set up for remote access by way of VNC, but is behind a pretty tightly controlled firewall. The church does have a […]

Steve Martin’s Banjo

( Fun! )

I had completely forgotten that Steve Martin used to play a banjo as part of his standup routine… And he’s pretty darned good at it too! (Just ask him!) I stopped at a garage sale a while back and picked up a copy of Steve’s “Let’s Get Small” LP. Finally got around to putting it […]

Damnable Good Works

This is a post that has been in stuck in my Drafts for quite some time; I probably started it just a few days after last summer’s Leadership Summit at Central. Considering we just finished day two of this year’s Global Leadership Summit, I figure it’s time to finally finish it up! One of the […]

Pete Stark In Over His Head

Congressman Pete Stark has represented California’s 13th Congressional District since 1973, but in all that time he doesn’t seem to have learned much about the government’s Constitutional limitations… Amazing. I sincerely hope this is just a case of an old man fumbling his words out of frustration and anxiety, and that he doesn’t really believe […]