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Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.

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Let’s say you’re the President, and you have to pick between two public appearances scheduled for the same day… Which do you choose? One of them is an invitation to speak at the 100th Anniversary Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America, and the other is to go hang out with Whoopi, Barbara & the girls on The View…

Seems like a no-brainer to me. How many times will a sitting President get the opportunity to take part in the 100th anniversary of an iconic American institution such as the Boy Scouts? And how often will the girls get together to tape The View? A no-brainer to me, and to most other right-thinking Americans, but not so for the current resident of the White House. Faced with that decision, he chose to spend yesterday in New York for a taping of The View. Pardon me while I get my eyes to stop rolling.

Barry on The View

With his poll numbers on a continual downward slide these days, you would think he would’ve gone the other way for today’s engagement, trying to maybe win over some of the conservative crowd who see the value of Scouting. But then again on The View he’s guaranteed an adoring left-wing crowd throwing him softball questions & giving him an open platform for pushing his increasingly unpopular agenda. Plus I’m sure he’s far more comfortable with the anything-goes crowd on The View than with the Scouts and their not-quite-politically-correct Oath…

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Yeah; I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Can’t help but be disappointed though.

Update: Just saw this a short time ago and had to throw it in…

Whatever else happens, Barack Obama will provide The View with some much needed estrogen.

Rush Limbaugh

The World Is Bigger Than The Internets

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I thought it interesting to read about how Finland has just decreed broadband Internet access to be a human right. And they’re serious. Reading between the lines, perhaps the Fins are trying show just how important communicating via the Internet has become… I don’t know if Finland has a Bill of Rights similar to that of the US, but to me, elevating what is essentially a public utility to equal status with, say, the right to life, does more to diminish other truly legitimate human rights.

That made me think of a conversation I had last weekend with some family members; I was bemoaning the difficulty of talking with or exchanging email with my daughter Emily, who is spending some time in Gambia. She’s waiting to be granted access to their system, which sounds to be pretty minimal, with dialup Internet connectivity that’s as reliable as the country’s landline phone system, which isn’t. The relatives all seemed kind of amazed that getting Internet access wasn’t a higher priority there — “she should’ve been able to bring something with her to stay connected, right?”

Well, Gambia isn’t exactly the technological center of the universe. Things in the Third World run at a much different pace. People there don’t have Twitter or Facebook; they actually sit down and talk with each other to find out what’s going on in their lives. Mail (of the snail variety), complete with hand-written letters, is a welcome surprise, rather than a nuisance that’s tossed without being opened. Food is purchased for the day and prepared as needed, and people share cooking duties & meals to lighten each other’s loads and have some face time over a meal. When Yvonne & I went to Cameroon a few years ago I thought it was like stepping back in time a few decades. And in a lot of ways, it was nice. Very nice.

Here in the USA one gets the feeling that the world revolves around the Internet, and in some ways it does. Here. But the world is much too big a place to be encapsulated in an html or Flash wrapper, and there still are places in the world where people have never seen a computer, much less have access to one or to broadband Internet access. Here in the US most everyone is connected with their computers and Crackberries and iPhones and iPads and whatever, but do we really do any better at communicating with each other than the Third World?

BMWotD — 1983 BMW Euro 528i

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I want this car. The price is right, and it has most everything I’m looking for in an e28… the 211 HP M30B35 motor (same as in my 735i), 5 speed, Style 5 wheels (best looking wheels on an e28), 3.73 LSD, upgraded suspension & torsion bars, Euro bumpers and headlights… it’s actually a grey-market European import, so not only are the bumpers & headlights original, everything in the cabin is in German! Basically, all of the hard stuff is done, just a few minor annoyances to sort out.

83_euro_528i_1 83_euro_528i_2

Here’s the seller’s ad from mye28.com:

1983 BMW Euro 528i – FOR SALE – Los Angeles

Saphirblau paint

M535i Gray Cloth herringbone interior (Manual sport seats)

M30B35 engine transplant from 89 735i donor with correct motor mount from Koala MotorSport.- Preventive maintenance at time of transplant: GMB water pump, water wetter, New Coolant Reservoir, oil pan gasket, crank seal gasket, OEM pilot bearing, plugs & wires. Head had DOT-r sticker but fell off after steam clean. Recently passed CA smog with no problems. Does need valve job adjustment, can have done before sale.

BMW e39 528i sport rims, professionally taken apart, all barrels straighten and polished by Al Reed in Anaheim (Plastic hub centric up front) – 235/45/17 Dunlop SP Sport 2000 E all around with good tread.

Hartge replica front spoiler (Paul L.)
Alpina replica rear spoiler

3.73 Limited Slip diff.

Bilstein Sport struts all around- BavAuto springs

Racing Dynamics (Green) adjustable swaybars front and rear (Part #
Front Racing Dynamics strut bar. Although the suspension is solid the lower control arms are in need of replacement. Upper control arms in March 2010 (Mayle Heavy Duty). Still has front end shimmy but not as bad.

5 speed manual transmission / shifter needs new bushings to have tight feel.

CARB Sticker, EPA & DOT importers paperwork in file, currently registered until July 2010.

Brand new not installed Blaupunkt Sydney R126 with Pioneer 4×6 front speakers and OEM premium rears.

Since purchased the OD (176k) hasn’t worked but roughly under my ownership (2/2007) the car has traveled about 4-7k miles. The paint is in decent shape with exception to the Hood and roof. The interior is in great shape also with its exception to the driver’s seat. Car is in storage in Gardena CA. Thanks for looking, please PM me with any questions or suggestions.


Sweet specs on that car, and lots of positive comments from the guys who know on mye28.com. The only things that could be done to make it better is to paint it and fix the upholstery. With the cloth seats, that’s done much more reasonably than with the leather that’s usually found in these cars. Adding a turbo to this car would be the absolute ultimate! But I’m getting ahead of myself… One goofy thing with it is that sunroof; most (if not all) e28s sold in the US came with a sunroof standard. Having a factory sunroof is great, but its presence does intrude into the passenger compartment a bit, making headroom a little short. The few cars that made it to the US without sunroofs are highly prized for that extra bit of headroom, especially on cars that find themselves being tracked or autocrossed regularly; those helmets can make a low roof feel even lower. I guess the nice thing about this particular car is that the aftermarket sunroof that was installed gives it some of the function of the stock sunroof without the headroom detraction. Plus I’ve been told it’s not your run-o’-the-mill J.C. Whitney cheapo, and is nicely installed. I guess I could live with it.


The seller started out at $5,900, but wasn’t able to find a buyer at that price, and has since dropped it to $5,000. The only things separating me from this machine is that — the price — and about 1,600 miles. sigh.

I still want this car.