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Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.

Let’s say you’re the President, and you have to pick between two public appearances scheduled for the same day… Which do you choose? One of them is an invitation to speak at the 100th Anniversary Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America, and the other is to go hang out with Whoopi, Barbara & the […]

The World Is Bigger Than The Internets

( Family andGeek andThe Deep )

I thought it interesting to read about how Finland has just decreed broadband Internet access to be a human right. And they’re serious. Reading between the lines, perhaps the Fins are trying show just how important communicating via the Internet has become… I don’t know if Finland has a Bill of Rights similar to that […]

BMWotD — 1983 BMW Euro 528i

I want this car. The price is right, and it has most everything I’m looking for in an e28… the 211 HP M30B35 motor (same as in my 735i), 5 speed, Style 5 wheels (best looking wheels on an e28), 3.73 LSD, upgraded suspension & torsion bars, Euro bumpers and headlights… it’s actually a grey-market […]