Another Awesome Diamond-T

Tonight was the first day of the 2010 3-day Automania car show, so the boys & I went downtown to see what there was to see, and very nearly missed what had to be the coolest set of wheels in downtown Sioux Falls. It wasn’t until we had walked through the entire show and were on our way home that we spotted this truck parked along 10th Street just down the block from the Blend Interactive offices.


There is a Diamond-T logo on the radiator housing, so it’s likely at least some of it started out as with that brand, but who knows what part. It had an original 1957 license plate hanging on back; historic vehicles in South Dakota are allowed to run with plates from the year of manufacture, so it’s a reasonable guess that whoever built it started with a ’57, but the cab differs quite a bit from the photos I’ve seen of Diamond T trucks from that year. They all have a split windshield, so I’m not sure where the cab on this thing came from. The trailer had the name of a construction/concrete company on the side, but do you think I remember what it said? Dang; could’ve done a little real research…


It’s powered by a monstrous Detroit Diesel V8 topped with a supercharger and a turbocharger, but not much of a muffler on the exhaust!


Lots of cool details on the truck, like the polished aluminum front axle, the air-operated drum brakes all around, the bullet taillights, the minibike on top of the rear deck…





My apologies for the slightly cruddy photos, but it was getting dark, and they were shot with only the streetlights for illumination. Maybe it’ll be at tomorrow’s show and I can get some better shots.

While it’s not as polished as the other hot rod Diamond T I wrote about a couple of years ago, it’s still one awesome truck. And a functional truck. A one-off custom like this where the owner isn’t afraid to get it dirty is unique and extra awesome!

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