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F1 Destination: Austin, TX

( Cars! andRacing )

Yesterday’s big news in the world of Formula 1 Racing, the sport returns to the US in 2012, and will be held in Austin, Texas! Just one more reason for me to visit that fine and funky city; not that there was any shortage of reasons before, but this means that I really need to […]

Let’s Follow Mexico’s Lead

… At least on immigration policy. So many people have their underwear so incredibly bundled about Arizona’s new law giving police the ability to enforce existing US immigration laws. Those people somehow think it’s perfectly ok for the US to leave it’s borders wide open to allow illegal immigrants to flow back & forth across […]

Suicide By Fast Food

There’s a hilarious article on Fast Food For Failures. A sampling… The story behind the McGangBang is actually pretty cool. It’s gotten virtually no attention in the press and has gained popularity over the last few years strictly by word-of-mouth and Internet forums, and it’s still relatively underground. Sure, people have whispered about it […]

BMWotD — Euro 1983 528i

This is the car I want. It just came up for sale in an ad on, and it’s all I can do to keep myself from calling the seller right now… 1983 BMW Euro 528i – FOR SALE – Los Angeles – Saphirblau paint – M535i Gray Cloth herringbone interior (Manual sport seats) – […]

It’s A Bad Windows Day

We’ve all heard of a Bad Hair Day™… Well today is A Bad Windows Day™. So far today, among the 35 Windows XP desktops, eight servers and a dozen or so Macs, I’ve had two virus infections, three BSOD’s, and have had to chase down at least fifteen other miscellaneous issues with the Windows desktops. […]

A Handy Mic Stand

( Gadgets andGeek )

If I ever become a death metal rock star (yeah, that’s me all over!) this stand will accompany me in every concert. So awesome. Interesting back story on the stand in the Wired article.

BMWotD — Parting Out Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I downloaded the latest Nordstrom’s vehicle list last night, and for once there was a new addition to the BMW section… 1991 BMW 735i, RED, 4DR, 3.5L, AT4, BAD MOTOR Cool — another e32! My first thought was about whether there were any parts I could grab from it. The “BAD MOTOR” part told me […]