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Happy Lenin’s (B)Earth Day!

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Another good article over at AmericanThinker.com; I knew today was Earth Day, and have heard a lot about the connection between the modern-day communists and the whole environmentalist movement, but I had no idea that Earth Day coincided with Grandfather Lenin’s birthday.

Or is it a coincidence?


NASA, The Obama Edition

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So President Obama wants to drastically scale back the NASA budget, but still wants to keep America in space. Perhaps what he’s got in mind is something like this…
Reminder: Don’t try this at home, unless you truly are a rocket scientist, like the guys in the video.

Oh, but this is good! “Star”

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If you haven’t seen this before, you’re in for a treat. No teasers; just watch it. But make sure you’re not in a place where your laughter will create a scene (that’s the voice of experience!)

IMDB Info Page

Biked To Work

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The forecast looked a little sketchy for today, but when I woke up at 6 it wasn’t raining (we did get a sprinkling overnight) and KELO’s Live Doppler HD scan showed the stormy stuff had moved on to the east, so it looks like I didn’t drag my bike up from the basement for nothing after all. I thought sure that just the act of getting it ready would surely give rise to morning rain, but Murphy must not have been paying attention last night!

The bike had hung in the basement all winter, pretty much ignored, untouched & unused, so I spent a little time cleaning some of last year’s accumulated dust & grease from it before heading out this morning. Checked the air in the tires and briefly checked the electric motor wiring. Tires looked good, wheels were still acceptably true, but the thing is such a mutt… I really need to do something with the odd-colored front fork. And the handlebars look about as dorky as could be. But no time for that now. Another project for the list.

The batteries had sat pretty much ignored & unused all winter, so I plugged them in for a charge last night as well (that must not have attracted Murphy’s attention either). This morning the ready light on the charger was glowing green, so it was as ready as it would ever be. I remembered again my failed attempt at making a somewhat more convenient attaching plate for the batteries, & thought briefly about how to get by for a few more rides; rubber shock straps to the rescue. One over the top to hold the box down and keep the handle from flopping, and another across the back to keep the front notch in the rack crossbar. No problem!

The ride was pretty uneventful. Didn’t meet a soul on the trail until I got past the Bailey Street underpass; two guys on foot, then another guy on a bike a short time later, then a woman out for a run on Westport Ave. north of the UPS depot. And no goose attacks at all (in fact, the only goose I saw was on the water near the zoo. Phew!)

I had a decent tailwind most of the way (wind out of the SE, gusting to about 30 mph) so I made pretty good time, and I’m sure that helped maximize my battery life as well. By the time I got to Benson Rd. and heading up the hill on the home stretch (work stretch?) the batteries started dropping power. That makes me worry about the ride home, as I’ll be bucking a headwind the whole way back. I suppose it’ll be time to replace/upgrade the batteries sometime soon. The SLA batteries are ok for a powered bike, but they are so heavy. I bought about the minimum size to get me to work, and anything bigger would add a considerable amount of weight. I would so love to upgrade to some Lithium Ion batteries. They are expensive though… Some day.

The ride made me think about the Sioux Falls Ride To Work events of years past, so I did some checking to see when this year’s event would be. It looks like it might not be happening at all. The banner at the website hasn’t changed since last year, and there hasn’t been much added to the site at all. Nothing at all mentioned about it at the MinusCar Project, the FAB website, the Spoke-n-Sport site, or Harlan’s Bike & Tour site. Not that I really need to have someone feed me free pancakes, but it’s a nice chance to see who else is riding and see some old acquaintances. I guess there is still a month or so until the traditional time to have the event, but I would think that if it were happening, the organizers would be getting the word out by now…

Video Game Driving Challenge

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My kids have asked me before why it is that driving a computer-simulated car in a video game is so much different than driving a real car. My off-the-cuff answer has been that the controls in the video game are usually much cruder than those in a real car. Imagine if you were driving down the highway and your steering was controlled by two buttons for left & right, the throttle was an on-off switch, as was your brake. Controls like that in a video game make driving pretty dodgy, but if it were in real life… I’m glad I don’t have to share the road with vehicles like that! Cars would have to be just as indestructible as their game-world kin.

The guys in this video were wondering something similar; how it would work if you tried to control a real vehicle from the typical video game driving perspective. The results, even with normal vehicular controls, are pretty hilarious. (There is some foul language in the video, so keep the volume low or headphones on if there are kids nearby!)

I’m guessing the drivers could improve with a little practice. Or maybe a lot of practice.