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Spooky Tooth Death Race

( Bikes andFun! )

Here’s an event I’d love to attend, just for fun; the Spooky Tooth Bike Shop’s annual Death Race! Not an actual death race (as in the really bad movie with the same name) just a fun annual event which is pretty much just an excuse for a customers together to show off their wacked out […]

Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Today is Tolkien Reading Day; go enjoy your favourite J.R.R. Tolkien book for a while today! I’ve read Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy a number of times, but I think the book of his that was most enjoyable was The Hobbit. I’ll have to sit down with a copy tonight… And maybe a pint […]

It’s A Passing Lane, Not A Parking Lane!

This YouTube video is a great reminder of why it’s a good idea to stay in the right lane unless you’re actually passing another car: Yes, it’s true we don’t typically have Corvette’s screaming down I-90 or I-29 at around 160 mph (actually, that’s not outside the realm of possibility during Corvette Classic Rally week) […]

What Changes Will The Next 18 Years Bring?

I was digging through my Sitemeter visitor stats a few days ago, and noticed again with a bit of wonder that one of the posts that consistently sees a fair bit of traffic is the one about the 68000 dash 30fx computer I have at home. The dash 30fx a monster of a Macintosh clone […]


It’s been a crazy-busy day for me today, one that followed by an even crazier day for the folks in our nation’s capital, and that one word title kinda sums up my reaction to the day. Crap. As in what I said when I heard Obama’s poorly named “Health Care Reform” bill barely got the […]

It’s Not If We Will Worship…

but what…    or who… A short but excellent video was shown leading up to today’s worship service at Central. You can view it for free at Wonder is the basis of worship. Worship is transcendent wonder. — Thomas Carlyle Worship can never be a performance… [but] an overflow of your heart. — Matt […]

Payless Text Spam. Grrrrrrrr

Since getting a cell phone a few years ago, I’ve received a number of unsolicited text messages. There haven’t been a lot of them, so dealing with them is little more than a minor bother, but because my plan with Verizon doesn’t include unlimited texting each one of them costs me fifteen cents. Again, not […]

Oh No! Not Mr. Bendo!

It’s a sad day. Mr. Bendo, a Sioux Falls landmark since 1963, fell victim to a drunk driver last night. Some bozo who’d had a few too many tried to take the corner at 12th and Cliff Ave. a little too fast and knocked Mr. Bendo’s right leg out from under him. According to a […]

Magical Economics

Wow; this guy is in-stinkin’-credible! Now he’s telling us that if his Health Care Insurance Reform somehow makes it through Congress, we and our health insurance providing employers will see 3000% reductions in our insurance premiums. Three thousand percent! Of course, it was a slip of the tongue or more likely a teleprompter miscue, but […]

Twenty K!

A milestone slipped by me over the weekend; 20,000 visitors to this site, as measured by my Sitemeter account. Fifteen thousand went by without much hoopla, but thought I’d at least mention it for twenty. Looking back at my other posts celebrating other milestones, the pace is picking up a bit; 10,000 was towards the […]