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Stuck Door Locks On A BMW e32 ≠ Fun

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First, a little background: The door locks on my ’88 BMW 735i (e32) have been something of an enigma to me; they worked, but they worked differently than other cars I’ve had. Even differently when compared to my ’84 BMW 528e. With the early BMW’s, locking the doors generally involves pushing down on the door […]

“Being Veep Is Easy”

( Fun! andPolitics )

Vice President Joe Biden had some notable things to say about his Executive Branch position today… Just moments before the afternoon session (of the today’s health care summit at the Blair House) got underway, C-SPAN’s cameras picked up audio of Biden chatting casually with participants. “It’s easy being vice president — you don’t have to […]

My New Front Plate

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I found the perfect accessory for the front bumper of my Rustoleum-painted BMW… There are a couple of sites that will make custom Euro plates, for not a lot of money; this one is especially cool because it’s got an interactive tool that lets you see what your plate will look like. Who cares that […]

What? You Don’t Believe Me?

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Have you ever approached an intersection in a car with your turn signal on, conspicuously reducing your speed, and have another motorist wait at the intersection to see if you actually turn before they make a move? That happened to me on my way to lunch just now, and it kinda makes me laugh… A […]

Makes Me Wonder What Her Shoe Closet Is Like…

Here’s a good read by Dan Kennedy on the Business & Media Institute website. An excerpt: Mrs. Obama… reportedly has a staff of 22 assistants. Yes, I said twenty-two. (Previous First Ladies’ dedicated staffs were in the single digits). Michelle’s little army includes a Chief of Staff costing $172,000 a year; a Deputy Chief of […]

Fly The Drunken Skies — Pelosi Air

I’d heard rumblings of Nancy Pelosi’s boorish attitude before, but this news just takes the cake. Since stepping into the position of Speaker of the House, the bill for Madame Speaker’s air travel is pushing the $3 million mark, with well over $100,000 in just in-flight food & booze. Then there was the staggering bill […]

“He Is A Crappy President”

Not my words, but the words of highly respected economist, Dr. Arthur Laffer from an interview published on Human Events. “Obama is a fine, very impressive person. He really is. Unfortunately, everything that he is doing in economics is exactly wrong. He is a crappy president,” Laffer said. Dr. Laffer had a lot more to […]