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Whither the Sizzler?

( Cars! andFamily andFun! andThe Kids )

One of the coolest toys I remember from my younger days was the Hot Wheels Sizzlers. They were the size of regular Hot Wheels cars, but were made of plastic and had electric motors (like you’d find in slot cars) and batteries that would recharge in a minute or so using The Juice Machine — […]

Cool Flash Presentation — International Space Station

Somebody posted a link to this interactive Flash graphic on the USA Today website that shows the growth of the International Space Station since the first piece was put in orbit in 1998. I knew pieces had been sent up and added to the station over the years, but I had no idea it had […]

Irony via Linotype

( Computers andFun! )

I get marketing emails and newsletters on occasion from the good folks at Linotype, trying to sell me fonts. What kind of irony can come from them? Just the fact that the emails arrive in plain-text mode, like you see below: Linotype is of course one of the premier and longest-lived font houses around. I’ve […]

The Lost Mitten

( Fun! )

Our house is probably similar to many others with small(ish) kids in that we have a seemingly endless supply of orphaned gloves, mittens & socks. Yvonne was going through the winter stuff one day last week and pulled out more lone gloves & mittens than pairs. Where did they all go? We go through the […]

Robots in the Cowshed

A couple of years ago my sister-in-law met and married a Dutch dairy farmer; around here that wouldn’t be much of a feat because there are plenty of Dutch dairy farmers in Northwest Iowa… but they now live on the farm in Holland! Keeping up with family means Skype and long airline rides are pretty […]

Something He Needn’t Worry About

I was listening to the radio just a little while ago (Beyond the Beltway was on) and the host, Bruce DuMont, was commenting on some stories in the news today. He read through part of an article in today’s New York Times… On the afternoon he held the eighth meeting of his Afghanistan review, President […]

The Texaco Fire Chief Helmet

Somebody at work was complaining the other day about feeling like she hadn’t accomplished anything that day because she spent all her time “putting out fires”. I could relate; I have days like that pretty regularly. But with Christmas approaching, the thought occurred to me that it’d be fun to get her a toy fireman’s […]

Loop The Loop!

( Cars! andFun! andGadgets )

Ever since the days when I spent my days rolling Hot Wheels cars down the orange track and around the loop, I’ve wondered whether it would be possible to do with a real car; leave it to the guys at Top Gear to pull it off! (VideoSift link) via They seem to go through […]

BMWotD — 1988 M535 Touring!

This car is it. Not only is it an über-rare Touring, but it’s also got the ///M-package with the M30 big six engine, and the euro bumpers! Saw a link to the eBay auction for this car on today… It’s not perfect — it has an accident in its history, and the interior looks […]

I’ve Always Liked Bob Hope

( Fun! andPolitics )

This line makes him just that much more lovable. He is so right! From the 1940 classic, The Ghost Breakers.