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I Guess Things Are Different Now

Funny how things are different for President Obama when the legislation is something he wants vs. something championed by his political opposition… Here’s a YouTube clip containing an audio interview with Barack Obama following his election to the US Senate in 2004. Take note of what he has to say following about the 0:50 mark… […]

Obama’s Health Care Snow Job

Our not-so-esteemed President gave a press conference last night about his aspirations for reforming the health care system. He’s apparently encountering more opposition than he expected — well deserved opposition I might add — and felt the need to address all us little people in middle America to tell us why it’s such a high […]

Compact Fluorescents Suck

I hate compact fluorescent light bulbs. I really do. I like the fact that they use less electricity than a standard incandescent bulb, but aside from that there is absolutely no up-side to using them. We’ve got CFL’s installed in various places around the house, and I discovered one of them was out this morning. […]

It Pays To Read The Fine Print

President Obama is on record saying that with his proposed “public option” healthcare that was just discussed (or passed?) in the House of Representatives, if we the people were happy with our current health insurance, we would be able keep it. He must’ve had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said that, because […]

Gremlins In My Garage

( Fun! andGeek )

Saw these guys hanging from the shelf in the garage a while back, and had to do a double-take. I feel like I’m being watched. Any guesses on what they are?

BMWotD — 1986 Dinan M5

This car is awesome. Flat out awesome. 1986 BMW M5. European specification model. Only 24,000 original miles! This superb example features flawless “Diamond black” paint with gorgeous brown water buffalo leather. With only one owner from new, this Dinan-prepared M5 features an inter-cooled turbocharger and Borla stainless exhaust system, the combination of which produces an […]

A Cheapskate’s Paint Job, Part II

Well, I’m a few days and five coats of paint into my Cheapskate’s Paint Job, and things are looking… OK. Not wonderful, but not terrible either; just OK. In my last post about the paint job, I had two coats on it. Those runs & drips turned out to be something of an issue, and […]

A Cheapskate’s Paint Job

To read the rest of the story and see the final product in pictures, click here and here. Enjoy! When I bought my BMW 528e in January, one of its more obvious deficiencies was the paint; one of the previous owners had had it resprayed for what must have been a good reason, but whoever […]