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BMWotD — 1991 Dinan 535i

It’s been a while since I last posted a BMW of the Day, and I’d have to say that this one is notable enough to post. It’s a 1991 e34 535i that was modded by Dinan by the original owner. This thing is a hot rod, no doubt. Dinan added an intercooled turbo to the […]

Ten Thousand Visitors!

How cool is this; when I wasn’t even watching, visitor number 10,000 came knocking at my site yesterday afternoon! From the SiteMeter report, it looks like number 10k was someone in the Army looking for info on wiring up a Freestar to pull a trailer, a trial I went through a while back. I’m glad […]

The Most Amazing Man Alive

The media guys played this at the beginning of our church service this morning; it’s a hoot! (YouTube link.) “He once counted to infinity… Twice!” “He’s both left-handed, and right-handed…” “He uses Tabasco Sauce instead of Visine.” “He is not afraid of the dark; the dark is afraid of him.” Yeah; that pretty much describes […]

Automania 2009 Mega-Gallery!

( Cars! )

The 2009 Automania show is history, and it was a good one. I got there early yesterday (about 4:30) hoping to see a lot of the cars rolling in, but most of them were already in place when I arrived. A couple of the owners said they were there about 2:00! There were a lot […]

Automania 2009 Is Coming!

( Cars! )

Had a nice surprise in my inbox this morning; I subscribe to the Hemmings Motor News eWeekly newsletter, and today’s edition had a top-line writeup on the Sioux Falls Automania Show coming up next week! Sweet! Not sure what to think of the bits about having to “chip harder when it comes to breaking out […]

How Low Can You Go?

( Cars! andFun! )

Here’s a car that Caleb & I saw at last September’s Oukasts’ Car Club show in Mitchell. The thing is so low it’d probably be grinding just rolling down the street. When the owner started it up & drove off, hydraulics raised it up a bit to make it at least drivable, but it was […]