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Economic Trash Bin

The big news today is that someone in Winner, SD, won the PowerBall Lottery, to the tune of $232.1 Million. Wow. That’s a pile o’money. When I heard about this on the radio this morning the announcer also mentioned something about the SD Lottery Commission having posted info about where the money they took in […]

Sleep In A Wigwam!

On our Kentucky visit last week, we intentionally drove some of the two-lane highways when traveling between the sites we visited, and the rural Kentucky scenery made the longer drive times very worthwhile. After our Mammoth Cave tour we had dinner in Cave City, KY, then drove Highway 31W back to Elizabethtown. Not too far […]

It was my sin that held him there…

We’re in Kentucky this weekend, and attended a great worship service earlier today. We drove down last Wednesday (16 hours!) to witness Bryce’s graduation from Army Basic Training on Friday, but decided to stick around for the weekend because this is such a neat place. To me Kentucky is kinda like the Black Hills, only […]

Another BMW Update

( Cars! andPCH )

It’s been over a month since I last posted about stuff I’ve done with the BMW, so it’s time for an update. Not that I’ve done a lot, but I have done some. A couple of Saturday’s ago I finally got around to installing a couple of the parts I’ve been gathering for the last […]

Another RINO* Defection

(* RINO = Republican In Name Only) The last few week’s news has been abuzz with the Democrats victory in the “bidding war” over Senator Arlen Specter, and he is no longer a member of the Republican Party. The move handily increases the Democrat majority in the US Senate to a filibuster-proof 60%, further weakening […]

Countdown to Canaries!

A while back (two years ago!) I wrote a blurb about our then-new pet, Pippin, a male canary. We’ve enjoyed Pippin and his singing ever since, but I somehow neglected to mention that we brought home a girlfriend for Pippin a year ago. Pippin was a birthday gift for Yvonne two years ago, then last […]

Pause, Stop, Play

I think I want this on my car. No, scratch that; I need this on my car!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Today is Mother’s Day, but for the last several years I’ve felt a little left out. My mom, Celeste Agnes Green Thornton passed away almost five years ago, just one short week after Mother’s Day. The last few years that Mom was with us were difficult; Alzheimer’s Disease stole them from us. I first realized […]

Digital Music Pads

Here’s something quite cool; the Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro Plus. It’s essentially a Linux-powered keyboardless tablet PC that specializes in displaying music files. It uses a back-lit color LCD touch screen to display the music files that you load onto it by connecting it up to a Mac or PC. It can use music that […]