History Schmistory

Barack Hussein Obama was crowned inaugurated as President of the United States today. Many in the news media, who should be a little more objective about the event, breathlessly talk of this “historic event” and gush over how wonderful it is. Sure, it’s historic in that we have a black skinned man in the highest office in the land, just a few short decades out of some of the ugly history of racism…

But what makes this presidency so wonderful?

Wonderful that so many people cast uninformed votes and elected a man largely because of the color of his skin? Wonderful that Obama has so many questionable associations that still get ignored by the fawning media? Wonderful that Obama still hasn’t provided solid proof of his purported US citizenship, driving us toward a potential Constitutional crisis? Wonderful that Obama has a radically socialist agenda for our country, and wonderful that when parts of his agenda fail miserably he’ll have a scapegoat at the ready in President Bush and the economic troubles inherited from his Presidency?

Wonderful that we’re blowing $170 million on a big party to swear him in, and there’s hardly a peep in the news complaining about it (in stark contrast to the fallout over Bush’s $40-something million ceremony four years ago)? Wonderful that before taking the oath of office he’s already talking about pushing another $700 Billion economic stimulus plan through Congress?

I could go on, but it’s just too depressing. So depressing that it’s spread to the visual theme for davintosh.com; yes, things got a little darker around here today, and I think the somber mood might have to stick around for the duration of the Obama Administration (if you find yourself offended by that, maybe you can just think of it as being dark in homage to Obama’s skin color.) I won’t be throwing shoes at effigies of Obama like the overgrown children did to a Bush balloon in DC yesterday, but I won’t be throwing any parties either. I will, however, respect the man and the office he holds, and will not take cheap shots at him. How many on the other side could have said that about someone they so vehemently disagree with?

The only thing I can be hopeful for in the next four years is that the strength and resiliency and perseverance of the American people will overcome any damage brought on by changes in economic and social policies effected by the Obama Administration. More importantly, I have hope in life eternal through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior; with that I am content. I have no need for the savior so many see in President Obama.

The hype surrounding this inauguration — and the afterglow of the campaign hype — is building some great expectations for the Obama Administration. How long will it be before some of Obama’s ardent followers become disenchanted by his failure to live up to their expectations? Following the transition period, I have a feeling that President Obama has a few more insights into some of the things President Bush has done during his administration, and perhaps a more realistic respect for the man. Whether that lasts at all… Well, I’m not very hopeful about that. But I’m ready to change my mind if proven wrong.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. Winston Churchill

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