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Scouting New York

Here’s another cool site featured recently by Neatorama that I can’t get enough of… Scouting New York. I work as a film location scout in New York City. My day is basically spent combing the streets for interesting and unique locations for feature films. In my travels, I often stumble across some pretty incredible sights, […]

Fourteen Below Zero

We’re having a cold snap in Sioux Falls this week. Not just cold, but stinkin’ cold. The photo above was taken of the thermometer on the back of our house at about 6am this morning. 14 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (that’s -25.5° C for the rest of the world.) No idea how accurate that old […]

Finally; Why The Chicken Really Crossed The Road

( Fun! andLinks )

I laughed out loud at this one. That bird is in for one rude awakening! Available as a t-shirt over at one of my favorite sites, Neatorama.

BMWotD — 1995 540i 6-speed!

Here’s another hot BMW I’d like to own; a 1995 BMW 540i. And this one is not your run-o’-the-mill 540… This one’s got a 6-speed manual transmission! The E34 — also known as the 5-series — was built from 1987 to 1996. I actually like body style of the 533 (of the E28 variety) I […]

A Real-Life MI Speedball On eBay

A while back I wrote a spot about the MI Speedball, a home-built car based on a set of plans published in a 1959 Mechanix Illustrated magazine. Recently, Jalopnik posted an article about a vintage MI Speedball that showed up on an eBay auction. The auction ended on Nov. 30, apparently unsold because the highest […]

5,000 Visitors!

Where was I when this new milestone was passed? I dunno, but it blew by on Nov. 30 and I totally missed it. Come to think of it, 4,000 went by just as stealthily, but I guess you shouldn’t have too many milestones. According to Sitemeter, somebody from Kirkland, Washington, was my 5,000th visitor; he/she […]

BMWotD — “Nicely Modified” 1983 533i

Here’s one that I’ve seen on the Chicago CraigsList several times. I would dearly love to have this car; it sounds awesome. Up for sale is my nicely modified 1983 533i. It has a 5 speed manul transmission in perfect working order. It also sports an M30 engine from a Euro M635csi. This is the […]

BMWotD — 1997 740IL

I decided the site needed a new category, so this is the first in it; BMW of the Day. I wrote a while ago how I’d decided that my next vehicle purchase was going to be of the Bavarian variety, and since then I’ve been checking the CraigsList posts in Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and […]