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The Wireless Extension Cord

I was looking for a surge protector with an extra-long cord for a project at work, and bumped into this doozy at ThinkGeek; a wireless extension cord! With tongue planted firmly in cheek, they describe the gadget thusly: Just plug the Wireless Extension Cord (WEC) base unit into a standard wall outlet, and plug whatever […]

Windows Rant Of The Day: Removable Disks

( Computers andWork )

When something on a computer works well and works the way it should — intuitively — it’s said to be “Mac-like”. Windows XP and Vista are said to have many “Mac-like” features. But in working with XP the last few years, I’m left to wonder how could something as simple as adding a removable drive […]

BTW I’m Voting For McCain / Palin

( Fun! andPolitics )

Here is the most awesome video… I won’t say anything; just watch. Ok; just two words then. “Ballot Cattle” (about 4:30 into the video). That is just so right on.

I Found My Next Car

( Cars! )

Not one car in particular, but now I know what kind of car, and where I’ll likely be shopping. Ian is getting close to driving age, and the old Suzuki is getting a little long in the tooth, so shopping time is coming up in the next year or so. I’ve been thinking of maybe […]


( Fun! andLinks andMovies )

If you thought a Kiwi was just another flightless bird, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s a flightless bird with a dream and determination. And a serious deathwish. Enjoy!

Hot Rod Diamond-T

( Cars! )

Caleb and I drove to Mitchell last Saturday for the Outkasts car show (Happy Birthday to Me!) Unfortunately I had things mixed up a little and we ended up arriving in town about the time the show was breaking up. Dang. We did get there in time to see several of the machines before they […]