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Windows Rant Of The Day — Finding A File Path

Here’s one place where the Macintosh really, really shines compared to Windows… Let’s say you have a document open in Word or Excel or PowerPoint, on either platform. Like many users, you just fired up the app and opened it through the handy-dandy Recent Documents list, just like you’ve done daily since you originated that […]

Who Really Wrote “Dreams From My Father”?

That’s the question asked by author Jack Cashill. I happened to catch an interview of Mr. Cashill on the Rusty Humphries radio show a couple of nights ago, and from what I’ve heard and read since then, he raises a good question. While I haven’t read Obama’s memoir, nor do I have any desire to […]

I Won A T-Shirt!

( Cars! andFun! )

And not just any t-shirt; it’s a gen-yew-wine Jalopnik PCH Tipster rattle-can air-brushed t-shirt! I loves me some Jalopnik PCH — Project Car Hell. Gearhead’s gearhead Murilee Martin matches up two vehicles and “you choose your eternity by selecting the project that’s the coolest… and the most hellish!” He decided to use two cars I […]

McCain Proves To Be The Bigger Man

This afternoon, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) announced that he planned to suspend his campaign for a time so he can return to Washington to do what he can to deal with the ongoing national financial crisis, and has suggested to his opponent, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) that he do the same, and that they agree […]

My Moller AirCar — A Dream Realized, Sort Of…

I can remember drooling over the Moller SkyCar since the first time I saw renderings of it on the pages of Popular Science or Popular Mechanics decades ago. The thought of being able to hop into a machine that would lift off from your own driveway and zip you to your destination at speeds around […]

Avast! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

( Fun! andLinks )

Aye, it be that time of year once again! Time break out the rum, put on yer eye patch, run up the Jolly Roger, and all the other piratey things ye can think of, for it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrrr! In case yer piratey skills be lackin, here be some boons for […]

Jesus Was More Than A Community Organizer

The big buzz phrase in the Obama campaign this week is, “Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer, and Pontious Pilate was a governor.” Some enterprising individual has even gone so far as to make a lapel button with the slogan on it. Cute, and impressive, eh? If only these bozos knew how far they were […]

Much To Be Thankful For

Someone sent me this as part of an email chain letter. I won’t pass emails on to others, but this was good enough to share; this is a much preferable mode for this sort of thing. Much To Be Thankful For He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.  You […]

Grace Like Rain

I’ve got a new favorite song. Not exactly new; it’s Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew (iTunes link), which is Agnew’s rendition of the 250 year old Amazing Grace by John Newton. I love the song to begin with; adding Agnew’s gritty vocals makes it that much more appealing. Amazing Grace has been around since […]

Just Desserts…

We drove to Rapid City — last weekend… what a long. boring. drive. But there was one bit of excitement on the way back that really made the trip. I was driving along I-90 near Murdo, SD, with the cruise control set at about 77-78 mph. I came up behind a tractor trailer rig — […]