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McCain — Palin; The Killer Match

John McCain shocked many today by announcing that his pick for VP is Sarah Palin. A woman! Palin is currently serving as the governor of Alaska, and in the minds of many conservatives, is an excellent pick. I’d go so far as to say that with her as VP, they are an unbeatable team, especially […]

When Geese Attack

So, there I was, minding my own business riding my bike to work. When out of the blue, a Canada goose attacks me. Stoopid goose. It’s not unusual to see geese on the Sioux Falls greenway bike path, but usually they scurry down the side of the dike to get out of your way. Just […]

Michael Phelps Has Always Been Fast

( Fun! )

And here’s proof.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

( Bikes andFun! )

Yup, there am some reel jeeniesses workin’ in transportation. Uh huh. Thanks, Miss C.!

Pushing 3,000

Just two short months ago — June 10 — hit the milestone of 2,000 site visits, as recorded by Sitemeter. I commemorated that event with this post. Now it’s August 17, and it looks like that number will likely break the 3,000 barrier sometime today. Two months; how about that! It took about 21 […]

It’s Called A Turning Lane For A Reason!

My biggest pet peeve when driving around Sioux Falls — and anywhere else for that matter — is when people looking for a quick way to turn left out of a parking lot or side street onto a busy street jump first into the turning lane and use it to merge into the flow of […]

The Return Of The Weatherball?

The Argus Leader ran a story today about a Sioux Falls guy — Greg Allis — who is leading the charge to resurrect one of the weatherballs that used to operate in town. When the weatherball is red, Warmer weather is ahead. When the weatherball is white, colder weather is in sight. When the weatherball […]

Wikipedia Vector Image Library

( Computers andGeek andWork )

Q: How many times have I scoured the ‘net or customer websites looking for a better logo for a label job? A: Way too many times! Then last night I bumped into a nifty collection of Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) corporate trademarks at Wikipedia; WOW! Of course is another great source that I bookmarked […]

Splattered Dreams

It seems that for some people, dreams are fragile things, like a glass figurine. They are very solid and tangible, but can be easily broken and destroyed — shattered. I don’t know if I’m weird or what, but I find that to be really hard to comprehend dreams like that, and there are times when […]

The NObama Network

I just bumped into another great site, Americans are feeling angry, appalled, defeated, and invisible. Often we hear our neighbors and friends remark they are not going to vote because their vote does not count. If you are feeling disenfranchised by your party, the DNC, or by the news media it is time for […]